7 Tips to Get Visible Abs at Any Age

Are you on a quest to find your abs before beach season?fitness shot 5

Yes, you can do it, I’m here to say that it’s possible, at any age. It takes a few tricks and I’d be happy to share them with you.

Several people have asked how I manage to have visible abs over the age of 50 ==>

Sadly, when you stand in the supermarket check out, you no doubt see all the magazines boasting a ‘brand new’ diet craze.

And that’s exactly what it is: a craze. A fad.

I’m sure you’ve ‘been there, done that’ with fad diets before (with disappointing results).

Guess what? There’s actually nothing new under the sun where diet is concerned. Magazines just want your money and so they cleverly market old ideas that promise magical weight loss.

There is NO MAGIC.

I hate to see people sabotage their metabolisms on fad diets that get them no results – unless you call rebound weight gain a ‘result’.

How about some ‘common sense’ tips? Yes, I know, ‘sensible’ is not sexy, but the results will be:

Here goes:

cardio hate 2Lose the cardio – Steady state cardio is a waste of time. In fact, it’s counter productive to your goal of getting visible abs. Study after study shows that doing ‘traditional cardio’ in the ‘fat burning zone’ is the LEAST effective strategy to burn fat. (Haven’t I drilled this into your head before?)  It’s even been shown to increase appetite which makes it all the more difficult to stay on any weight loss plan.

Less is More – Don’t think MORE time and money will yield MORE results. It’s not about LONG workouts; it’s about the INTENSITY in your workouts. Getting visible abs is possible with short workouts where you can maintain a high intensity. I’d prefer to spend $15 on a jump rope than $1500 on a treadmill. Or, I’d rather not spend a dime on equipment or gym memberships and do burpees and other body weight exercises to burn off the belly .

Beef it up – Don’t be afraid of adding muscle to your frame, it’s no secret that muscle magically helps you burn fat 😉

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to add some muscle; bodyweight exercises are a brilliant form of resistance training, but if you do have access to some external load, lift as heavy (and safely) as you can. It’s your muscle that helps to burn calories and keeps your metabolism stoked to burn off the belly fat.

Get off the roller coaster – Your blood sugar roller coaster is a ride to fats-ville. Your body won’t burn fat when there’s circulating insulin, so if you want visible abs, your job is to control these insulin spikes. Let me back track: your body releases insulin in response to the ingestion of carbohydrates, so when you control your carbohydrate intake and timing, you’ll reduce insulin spikes. The result? Your body will be more likely to burn fat as an energy source. Plus you won’t get crazy energy swings.

You’re sweet enough: drop the sugar  You’ll have a rough few days to get off sugar, but it will be worth it in the end. Seriously, you know you can’t be a sugar addict and have a six pack. Cravings will diminish (I promise) when you say ‘no’ to sugar and artificial sweeteners too! When you eat sweet, you’ll also crave sweet, it’s simple math: stop eating sugary things and you won’t have as much of a sweet tooth.

Pass (on) the bread – Even those that aren’t gluten intolerant can benefit from passing on breads and other bread like products. You can load up on unlimited veggies in place of starchy carbs, especially later in the day and your abs will be more visible right away.

Treat yourself – Studies show that the hormone responsible for helping you burn fat is reduced by 50% with only 7 days of ‘dieting’. So to keep those fat burning hormones happy, make sure that you increase your calories with a ‘treat meal’ at least every seventh day. Of course this makes more than just your hormones happy 😉

There are lots more tips and tricks and ‘done for you’ meal plans inside the 21 Day Challenge Diet. Honestly, the entire program is based on what I’ve done for myself and my clients that’s allowed us to get and stay lean all while feeling fantastic.

You know that I’m all about performance so I need to eat to train. I’ve never gone on a starvation ‘water and a fork’ type diet. Beta testers felt full and sometimes couldn’t even fit in all the calories suggested and they still lost 15lbs + in 21 days.

You can too.

So what’s the ‘challenge’ in the 21 Day Challenge diet?

Well, it’s not the ‘diet’ part…beta testers found that the nutrition portion of the 21 Day Challenge Diet was a cinch. They said that it was practical and sustainable. They felt energized and weren’t hungry as they lost 15+ pounds in 21 days.

Let’s face it, if you want to look sexy and you don’t want to be a skinnier version of your former fat self, you need to get moving in order to transform your body. The 21 Day Challenge Diet challenges you to get off the couch daily. This is where the 21 Day Challenge Diet differs.

I have workout plans and support for you. Beta testers said the BEST part of the plan was the private Facebook group that you’ll get access to. There’s a network of like-minded people all on the same path ready to encourage, motivate and hold you accountable to your weight loss goals. You’ll have access to me (and the entire Challenge Diet community) to lean on every step of the way.

What would you say is a reasonable weight loss goal? Well, if you want the weight to stay off, you know you can’t lose 25 pounds over night…but how about 15 pounds in 21 days? It’s possible, lots of beta testers lost this and more. And the good news is that during the 21 day maintenance phase, they not only maintained their weight loss, they lost even more pounds and inches while feeling satisfied.

Take a look at 51 year old Judy who did the 21 Day Challenge Diet plan:

My goal for you is to STOP DIETING. The 21 Day Challenge Diet is all about teaching you the necessary nutrition and lifestyle skills to never ‘diet’ again. You’ll learn sensible eating habits and lifestyle skills that won’t necessarily ‘end’. You’ll feel so good that the changes you make in the 21 days will be ones that you’ll adopt for life.

The first 21 days will see the start of the transformation of your body and entire attitude towards food. You’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll take to the nutrition plan as you’ll easily drop those extra pounds while gaining your health and vitality back.

The 21 Day Challenge Diet is not the ‘challenge’ that you think. You won’t be hungry or deprived. You’ll challenge your body to be it’s best. You can check it out here.

Are you up for the challenge? Look what you’ll get: