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Challenge workoutsQuestion: I’m tired of the same old bodyweight exercises, is there anything new out there? Bonnie

Answer: I called on my friend, Kate Vidulich for some ideas and she came up with three exercises you’re NOT doing that you need to try:

  • sprinting walk out
  • one legged RDL (Romanian deadlift) with T squeeze to curtsy lunge
  • T rotation burpee

Kate is full of cool combinations of exercises that she’s put together for you in her Fat Loss Accelerator 2.o program.

Here are a few other cool hybrid exercises from Kate:

Walk Out Curtsy Lunge

  • single leg walkout to curtsy squat stand on one leg, bend the knee just slightly
  • walk ahead out along on the floor till you get into a plank position
  • keep your opposite leg up off the ground
  • return to standing hinging from the hip
  • bring the knee forward
  • hands on to the hip
  • drop into a curtsy squat and return to standing
  • return to the walk out on the other leg

*Keep the leg off the ground the whole time, focusing on hinging from the hip and then going into the curtsy squat. If you need to put down your foot in the middle that’s totally fine, but the idea is to keep that leg off for the entire set to really focus on the hamstrings/glutes.

Push up Spider Crawl

push up spider crawl

  • do a regular push up
  • bring the foot up towards the same hand, as close as possible
  • repeat on the other side
  • right/left is one rep
  • keep the hips low and abs braced

Find MORE super cool HYBRID exercises from Kate’s all new Fat Loss Accelerators 2.0 HERE.

Here’s a fantastic DB workout you can do. I LOVE these sorts of workouts as they have a similar feel to my Challenge Complexes.

DB Accelerator 7: Up and Down

Equipment: Dumbbells

Perform each of the following in order, with no rest between exercises and without putting the weight down. At the end of the circuit, rest for 60 seconds and repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

A) DB Squat Thrust to Deadlift x 6kate brian and me hanging
B) DBPushupsx6
C) DB Cross Body Mountain Climbers x 6 D) DB Squats x 6
E) DB Lateral Lunges x 6

Phew! Tell me you’re not a hot mess after that one!

A long time client of mine does Kate’s workouts and instead of calling them ‘fat loss accelerators’ she calls them ‘fat loss a$$ kickers’. I’d have to agree. I did the follow along videos with her and trust me, they were tough!

It was the third day of filming and we were pretty beat up because the weekend we filmed Kate’s Fat Loss Accelerators, we also filmed 10 Challenge Burpee follow along videos too. Typically, one of us coaches and one of us demonstrates the exercises in each video. For this one particular video, I thought I was doing the coaching and Kate thought she was doing the coaching. I nearly fell over when I realized that she was setting up the video for me to demonstrate yet another her Fat Loss A$$ Kicker workouts. My fat was really crying that weekend, in fact, I parted ways with a lot of fat cells that day 😉

Kate packs her programs with value. Well worth checking out…click here.

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Get abs before Spring!


lbd 2014 7
Sam gets his legs (and the LBD) from his Mama 😉

I’m sure I’ll need to get Sam some therapy for this…

I had a charity boot camp today where funds raised go towards a team from our church going to Mexico to build houses. Both my daughter, Hannah and son, Sam were involved. We had some corporate sponsors that donated to any one that participated. The theme of the workout was the ‘Little Black Dress’ workout (to get fit to wear a lil black dress of course), so naturally participants were encouraged to workout in a LBD.

Sam was a good sport ====>

If you’d like to donate to this worthy cause, you can do so here:

My daughter made an ebook to any one that donates. Just make a donation and send her the receipt at and she’ll send you the download link for 10 workouts and some damaging info about yours truly. Growing up with a fitness mom isn’t all fun and burpees apparently 🙂

hannah ebook 2