Q n A Feb 21

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Question: I really struggle with reverse lunges my knees don’t like them & front lunges are struggle, what other exercise  could I do besides squats? Thanks. Kim

Answer: Great question. You need to strengthen the musculature around the knee to support the joint. If squats and lunges irritate, many feel they have no other options for leg training. Here are several options:

Modify squat depth– working within a pain free range of motion will help develop strength without irritating the knee.

Wall sit -though isometric, the wall sit is great for the quads and the knee typically can tolerate the position.

Plié squat– Widen the stance, ensure that the knee is stacked over the heel (and not over the toe) and turn the toes out wider.

RDL – a Romanian deadlift is a great alternative to the lunge to target the hamstrings.

This is a fantastic video showing a squatting progression from my friend Niall:

I love Niall’s program called ‘How Do I Get Great Legs’.

Take a look at it here.

You’ll see Niall and I discussing his program here:


Here’s a great workout from me that will  tone the legs:

This bodyweight workout uses the RIST and FUW method.

RIST means ‘reps in specific time’ and FUW means ‘finish up with’

Set your timer for 45/10 and do:

5 prisoner 1.5 squat finish up with burpees
5/leg spiderman push ups finish up with plank alternate leg lift
wall sit with 5 stick ups finish up with sit outs

Do 5 rounds

Who says you need equipment to have a great workout? You can follow along with me with for more workouts like this here.


Question: I am very weak in the core. What’s the best way to get started with strengthening without bothering my back?

Answer: Here are a few tips to ensure proper form:
• Stack the shoulders over the elbows
• Keep the ears in line with the shoulders
• Tuck the tummy in as if trying to touch the belly button to the spine
• Keep a straight line between the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
• Drop to the knees if necessary

The side plank is also a great way to strengthen the core. Keep these tips in mind:
• Fully extend at the hip
• Squeeze the shoulder blades together
• Keep the ears in line with the shoulders
• To intensify, raise the top leg while maintaining extension at the hip
• Drop to the knees if necessary

Here’s a video on how to do a plank properly:

For more tips on increasing core strength and getting lean and strong, head  here.