When in doubt…do burpees


fbbc i love burpeesWhen in doubt…do burpees.

For those of you that were unaware, my Mom passed away this week. You can read about it here.

A sanity keeper these last few days has been my training. Workouts have been short due to funeral planning etc.

Here’s what I did yesterday:

RIST style workout (reps in specific time)
10 sets of 5 deadlifts (125 lbs) to 5 burpee pull ups every 75 seconds

Man, you can work out a lot of sadness with burpees.

If you want to get really happy, do the burpees in these workouts 😉


Question: Over the holidays, I was buying black pumps and since I’m shopping impaired and didn’t have my daughter Hannah with me to help, I called upon another shopper that looked like she knew something about fashion. I was wearing some Lululemon tights at the time since I just had come from boot camp (honestly, I live in athletic wear so I’m fashion challenged any time I’m called upon to wear ‘real clothes’). She gave me good advice and then commented on my legs. Her question: How do I get great legs??

challenge workoutsAnswer: Along with my friendly shopper, Sherri, one of the trouble spots for many women is the leg/butt area. I know many of you are frustrated with cellulite.

I went to my friend Niall (you’ve seen him on the blog all week here and here).

He’s got good news for you ladies. His research shows that cellulite is actually a hormonal response and you can control cellulite when you get your hormones balanced. No creams, powders or pills will help and there’s plenty of misinformation out there regarding cellulite.

His approach is to hit the lower half from multiple angles: the quads, hams, butt and abs. He also uses sprinting and resistance training methods in his program.

The happy coincidence of hitting the lower body is that the upper body benefits too, it’s tough to have ‘great legs’ and not have a rocking body all around.

There’s NO MAGIC BULLET to having great legs, but simple exercise, healthy nutrition and hard work will pay off. It’s easier than you may think once you have a solid plan. You can check out his plan here.

Here Niall and I have a discussion about ‘how to get great legs’:

Here’s a sample workout for you:

Check out ‘How Do I Get Great Legs?‘ and you’ll get all this:

how do I get great leg product grp

  • Leg sculpting routines
  • Sprinting routines
  • Exercise guide
  • Sprint drill guide
  • Nutritional guide

You’ll also get:

  • ‘How do I get great abs?’
  • ‘How do I get a great butt?’
  • ‘How do I get lean?’
  • ‘Take It Inside’ (running guide)

This program is more than 50% off until Friday, February 21, 2014. Authors, Niall and Daryl claim that doing these bodyweight workouts alongside running over very short distances (20 to 30 meters) you can re-align your body’s hormonal chemistry and fix your cellulite.

It’s a bold claim, but if you are interested Check it out. Get ‘great legs’ and the rest of you will look great too 😉

PS. My shopping friend Sherri ended up joining my fitness boot camp because she wanted to be able to wear her Lululemon tights with confidence too. I use LOTS of Niall and Daryl’s training principles in my fitness boot camp….Now Sherri is probably rockin’ her Lulu tights in some shoe store providing good advice to some other lost shopper this very minute 😉