In Honor of My Mom

I’m very private regarding my personal life, but I need to share something with you today.

My Mom died yesterday afternoon. My mom was a champion, this last week especially. She’d want me to continue to share my message of health with you.

059She was a lovely lady that suffered through ten days of hell after a sudden, unexpected and massive surgery. It became obvious that she’d require more surgery to live and her body would not withstand it. She had some pain free peace for about an hour with us yesterday and then she went very quickly.

You may wonder why I’m sharing this….

Let me tell you a little about my Mom. It’s my way of honoring her and I know she’d appreciate the fact that I may be able to help someone avoid her fate.

I got my ‘best’ quality of being stubborn from her. Man o man she was independent and stubborn. I’m very much like her in this regard. However, our biggest difference was that my Mom didn’t make the best and most healthy lifestyle choices. (I went over board in this area. In fact, we always joked that I was the black sheep in the family where this was concerned. I have a big bro, a little sis and two step brothers. While they loved me and respected my choices in life, I always made different ones than them.)


061(This was the last family photo taken 4 years ago that included two unrelated friends, my bother, Shayne, my Mom, my sis Shannon and my kids, Sam and Hannah.)

Over time, I was happy to see how my Mom made monumental changes that must have been hard. She started to exercise; she was going to aqua-size and was excited to try the Functional Fitness videos I suggested.  She took on lots of volunteering roles. She started to watch her diet, adopting the eating style of my upcoming Challenge Diet. Sadly, quitting smoking was one of those things she continued to battle with. She had a strange and dry sense of humor and in her final hour she joked that she finally quit.

While my Mom was in the ICU for those 10 days, I set up shop beside her bed. When she’d dose off, I’d write a blog post or send 2014-02-14 11.33.29you an email. She knew what I was doing. I’d talk to her a lot, even when she slept. When she’d open her eyes, I know she felt comfort that I was there. We’d hold hands and play the spelling game because she had a breathing tube the entire time and communication was very difficult. If she had the strength, she’d spell words on her lap or I’d go through the alphabet and try to spell words for her. This was frustrating for her I know, I’m not sure if it helped me more than her since I just wanted to be able to do something for her.

You’ll continue to hear from me during a time when many people would stop everything. There are a few reasons that I want to stay in touch.

Firstly, from a selfish perspective, writing blog posts, workouts and helping you with your health is my passion and brings me comfort.

Secondly, my Mom would have wanted me to continue what she believed to be my calling. I know I had an effect on her and the slow changes that she made to improve her health, albeit too late. She’d want anyone and everyone to improve their health as she was starting to do.

And thirdly, the best way I can honor my Mom is if I can help you or anyone avoid the pain and suffering that my Mom went through by being pro-active with your health now.

Sadly, my brother 3 crockettsand sister and I, a group of mis-matched toys, have been brought together by tragedy, but hopefully will stay in closer contact in the future. We are relieved that my Mom’s suffering is over and believe that she’s in a better place. She will be missed.

Please take care of YOUR health now, before it’s too late.

Thank you for your continued support.