Jump Rope = Great Legs

leg imageWant great legs?

Don’t go for a run, plan to do a marathon or take up jogging.

Jumping rope is FAR more effective, more fun and is easier on your body. Surprisingly your knees will love jumping rope more than running too. Especially when you do a double jump (or jump on two feet) because there’s less impact.

You can do quick effective fat burning workouts with a jump rope and you’ll find you get the body of your dreams much faster than if you take to a running trail.

For great jump rope workouts, head to Challenge Jump Rope.

Here’s an easy to follow jump rope workout that you can do anywhere:

Do 30 seconds of the following:

  • Jump rope
  • prisoner squat
  • jump rope
  • decline push up
  • jump rope
  • prisoner bulgarian split squat
  • prisoner bulgarian split squat

Repeat up to 5 times.

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