One Leg Wonder Bodyweight Workout

Want to intensify a bodyweight workout? Do one legged squats and one armed push ups.

Of course, if you’re not up to doing anything on one leg or one arm, then you’ll get a terrific workout by doing just regular squats and push ups too.

What I like about doing one armed or one legged moves is that it really works the core as well. Be very careful with your form and if it starts to fall apart, then make sure to spot yourself by putting your foot or hand down. You’ll soon discover your muscle imbalances as well when you train this way. Keep in mind that you’ll always have a strong and smart side and a weak and dumb side, but you’ll narrow the gap by training one limb at a time.

Take a look at the workout, the write up is below:

This one is super tough:

5 pistol squats to rev lunge   plank wrong
5 one legged burpees
5 pistol squats to rev lunge other side
5 one legged burpees other side
5 one arm push up
5 one arm push up other side
10 prisoner 1.5 squats
10/side alternate leg lift plank

Do 5 rounds

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