Super Hero Abs?

Who doesn’t want to have visible, even super hero abs? Dennis shares some of his best techniques to get YOUR abs to show.

He says there are two components to ab training: building the abs and then eliminating the fat around the abs. He suggests using hanging leg raises, weighted abs and bumping the intensity on core specific training to lose the flub around the middle.

Dennis can help you get Super Hero Abs if you:

#1 – STOP focusing on direct core exercises.

#2 – Hit you full body with indirect core exercises.

#3 – Utilize HYBRID Exercises.

#4 – Incorporate direct core exercises.

Dennis says that when creating the perfect six-pack ab workout, we need to remember to utilize all of these above aspects.

A workout example would include:

Exercise #1: Spiderman Pushups (hybrid)
Exercise #2: Alternating Lunges (indirect)
Exercises #3: Sprints in Place (hybrid)
Exercises #4: Hanging Leg Raises or Leg Raises (direct)

Try this workout from Dennis:

Perform 20 second on, 10-second rest interval of the 4 exercises below. Repeat for 4 full rounds (8 total minutes).

  • dennis super hero absSpiderman Pushups or Regular Pushups
  • Ab Wheel Rollout or Hand Walkout
  • Pushup Outside Mountain Climber Combo
  • Jump Lunges or Squat Jumps

Repeat in the 20-10 fashion for 8-minutes or 4 full rounds.

As you can clearly see, this is NOT you typical ab workout. However it brings amazing results in the midsection.

Dennis’ workouts can be a stand alone ones that you can do on your ‘day off’ or you can piggy back his workouts onto an already short (under 30 min) workout.

You’ll love his short and intense core blasting ideas. Check out his plan here.