Where Did My Boobs Go? (And more…)

Question: I have been dieting and exercising for my wedding in July and I feel great.  I have lost 7lbs but my measurements show that my upper body has lost inches (especially my breasts) but my legs have got bigger!! I already have a narrow face and I’m worried that my face and upper body will look gaunt by the time I have my problem areas (thighs and bum) looking how I want them to! Do you have any advice on what I can do? Many many thanks in advance. boobs go?

Answer:  Sadly the body will strip fat where it wants to 🙁

My suggestion is to continue with healthy eating and training (Challenge Diet is coming out soon to help)

Along with your regular workouts, I’d also a few more sets for shoulders, (DB lateral raises, presses) and back (rows, pull ups or variations of them). This will hopefully balance out the upper and lower body.

Breast tissue is mostly fat, so I’m sorry to say that your chest may shrink before your behind does. To be honest, since I’m pretty lean, I’m pretty shy in the breast department, but I have a six pack 😉 It’s not usually possible to have both unless you have some surgical help.

Make sure your diet is dialed in, in my experience, women I’ve coached that gain in the lower half have either taken measurements incorrectly (at different spots) or they may not have their diet correct.

Work on strengthening and shaping exercises for the legs like squats and lunges. This will tighten and tone your lower body. Many women think that they’ll gain weight in the lower body with squatting, but if the diet is dialed in, you should be losing some flub and shaping your rear and not gaining. Your body may hang onto a little more body fat in the thighs. This is a genetic predisposition and there’s not much you can do but to accept a J-Lo bootie and work with what Mother Nature gave you. Make your bootie and legs as tight and toned as you can.

I wish I had a magic pill to hand you. I know you’ll look beautiful on your wedding day. A fit woman is a beautiful one, must make sure you’re not starving yourself, a healthy nutrition plan over the long haul is really your long term answer.


Comment:  I think people, families, kids, mothers, fathers, etc. don’t appreciate how long it takes to learn how to eat the right stuff and in what amount.  This is not common sense and NO ONE is teaching people this information.  It takes time to find the right plan, what meals are supposed to consist of, shop for this stuff, have the easy recipe to make the stuff, have the right snacks at night, etc.   But you can blow a good exercise regimen with an undisciplined and unstructured eating habit.

challengedietMy Reply: You are so right about nutrition and the lack of knowledge out there. I don’t want to say lack of info because there’s so much out there that I think sometimes people get overwhelmed.

That’s why I decided to do Challenge Diet. So many people asked me about what I eat and how I get my coaching clients to eat. Sadly what would seem common sense isn’t always as common. People sometimes know what to eat but don’t consistently follow good sense and sometimes look for a ‘fad’ to strip away fat. That just doesn’t work. Stay tuned for Challenge Diet coming your way in March.




Question: I am 76 and bored to tears with eliptical trainers. Stopped playing Raquetball at age 60..

Do you offer a entry level that’s suitable for someone my age?

dan r functional fit 4Answer: Looks like you’re looking for an entry level program that will put a stop to mind numbing elliptical training. I highly recommend Functional Fitness. These are follow along videos that are way more interesting and fun than steady state cardio,

You’ll advance your fitness level with these progressive workouts. From there you can move onto Challenge style workouts after going up to level 4 in this program.


Question: Hi, just started the pull up challenge program and am wondering what you mean by “assisted pull-ups”?

Answer: When I refer to ‘assisted pull ups’ I want you to do ANY type of assisted pull up you’d like.

That means a band pull up,  jumping pull up or any kind of pull up is fine. Here’s how to do a band pull up:

If you don’t have a pull up bar, it’s okay too. I give all kinds of alternatives to pull ups and ‘assisted pull ups’ to those that don’t even have a pull up bar in this video:

You can increase your pull up power with my Challenge Pull Up plan here.


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