Ugly Workout You’ll Love

It got ugly. fat loss_crossfit_typical_vomit_workout_tshirt-p235659283555951821z8nfc_152

Yesterday I went to the gym and decided it was a pulling workout. I noticed the pull up bar free so I set up camp there.

Side note: It’s unfathomable to me that a big box gym has only ONE pull up bar in the entire place. Well, that’s a lie, there’s another one in the velvet roped off personal training section. I’ve been expelled from that area on numerous occasions, but not before finishing my pull up set as I ignored the trainer asking me to leave. (Admittedly I’m not very popular with the trainers at the gym.)

I digress…back to my ugly workout.

The problem with me is I’m stubborn and usually won’t back down on a workout once I’ve determinedpull up what the workout will be. Being stubborn is probably my best and worst quality. I highly recommend implementing this ‘quality’ into your workouts and possibly extricating it from other areas of life 😉

For some crazy reason, I figured I could do 10 pull ups RIST style (reps in specific time of one minute). And to make it more fun, I decided to add the FUW protocol so I ‘finished up with’ jump rope for the remainder of each minute.

So, every minute I did 10 pull ups, and in the remaining time I jumped rope. I allowed myself 15 seconds of rest and repeated this ten times.

Turned out to be 100 pull ups in 12.5 minutes with a whole lotta jump rope in between.

Did I mention that I’m math challenged? It’s just best not to do the numbers at the start of the workout, but do the math afterward, (whilst trying not to vomit).

In quick form, if you’re going to cut and paste it to print out, here’s the workout:

10 sets RIST & FUW – set a timer for 1:00/15 sec for 10 sets:
  • 10 pull ups, finish up with jump rope every one minute
  • rest 15 seconds

(100 pull ups in 12.5 min along with about 30 sec of jump rope per set) jump rope

*My suggestion if you want to do this workout but don’t feel you can get 10 reps each set is to do assisted pull ups (band pull ups or jumping pull ups for example) once your form falls apart.

Now I have to admit that the pull ups got ugly nearing the end of each set. I was pretty strict until about the 7th rep each set, then I cranked out 3 kipping pull ups.

There’s a lot of controversy over kipping while doing pull ups. You can see a video, read a post and the comments here.

What are your thoughts on kipping pull ups? Make sure to comment.

PS. If you want to improve YOUR pulling power, you could grab my Pull Up Challenge program. And if you like to jump rope, take a look at Challenge Jump Rope. Good fun all around!

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