Crunches or Sit-ups?

Crunches or Sit-ups?

Guest Post by Sylvia Favela

Author: Bodyweight Pilates

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 7.29.47 PMThere are three things that are nearly on every woman’s wish list: A Fat Bank Account, A Hunky Man and Sexy Lean Abs, Right?!

You won’t get that enviable sexy midsection by doing crunches or skipping out on your workouts.
With dozens of options to achieving a flat stomach it’s no wonder you may have given up trying to unravel the mystery of what really works to carve out a sexy hourglass waistline. But I’m here to say that Pilates is one of the BEST choices to do to get a sexy mid section.

So why Pilates?

Pilates targets your deep abdominal muscles also known as your TA muscles (transversus abdominus). These deep abdominal muscles are the primary movers and act like your body’s natural corset, cinching in the core to protect the spine every time you move.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 7.31.09 PMJust think about zipping up that little black dress, you automatically cinch in your waistline and pull everything, even your breath in to get the zipper up.  Imagine having your natural corset keeping your midsection tight and cinched everyday, this is what the TA does.

The good news is Pilates builds a strong functional core as it shrinks your middle from the inside out.

There’s a whole lot happening on the inside of the body when training with Pilates. By adding this unique technique into your everyday routine you’ll soon notice your waistline dwindling down.

Check out the video below where I demonstrate a series of 3 Pilates exercises to carve out a sexy looking midsection.

Be sure to pay careful attention to the key points I explain on each move.


Your Set Up:
Do 10 reps of each move, total of 4 Rounds, rest 15 seconds between each round.

Here is a brief overview of the three Bodyweight Pilates moves in the videos above: Core Cincher, Tricep Dip Left & Rick Kick, X-Plank Roll.

Core Cincher

  • Exhale chest lift up towards your thigh, place hands on the knees
  • Bend both knees and bring them up to 90 degrees – tabletop position.
  • Stay in a chest lift throughout the entire movement.
  • Keep both legs lengthened and as straight as possible by tightening right above your kneecap.
  • Melt the rib cage in and down towards the waistline.
  • Do not let the legs come in further than the line of your hip.

For modification purposes – Do not extend the legs out, keep them slightly bent and towards the chest.  If there is any discomfort in the neck, keep the head down.

Tricep Dip Kick Left & Right

  • Keep hands placed down directly under the shoulder, fingertips facing the body or place the fingers out to the side of the body.
  • Keep hips up parallel to the floor, glutes engaged and knees firmly pressed together.
  • Squeeze between shoulder blades.
  • Upper back should be extended, do not let the shoulders come up towards the ears.
  • Keep the chest opened at all times.
  • Draw ribs towards each by pulling your stomach in not out.

For modification purposes – Keep one knee down to the floor as you go through the movement, then switch sides.

X-Plank Roll

  • Lay on your side, place right forearm down the floor.
  • Twist body as the chest faces the floor into a full plank position.
  • Place left forearm down on the floor above the right forearm.
  • Staying in a plank position.
  • Keep the motion going by moving from one forearm to another, not allowing the pelvis to hit the floor during the exercise.
  • Do not let the shoulder drop; keep distance from the ear to the shoulder throughout the movement.
  • Keep hips stacked throughout movement.
  • Do not let the ribs thrust forward, keep them pulled in.
  • Draw belly button in towards the spine.

For modification purposes – Bend both knees down to the floor, keep belly button pulled in towards the spine. This will help beginners and will help to ease off any pressure on your back.

As you continue to practice your Pilates exercises you’ll want to maintain control and form at all times for maximum benefit.

If you’re interested in learning MORE about Pilates and how you can use these sorts of exercises to whittle your waist, check out my new Bodyweight Pilates program. You’ll get follow along videos so I can coach you through each move every step of the way.

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