Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 2

Want another body weight workout? You’ll find a similar style workout to this one here.

I call this ‘part 2’  because if you’re super fit, you could string the workout below with this workout together.

These workouts are  ‘RIST & FUW’ type workouts.

RIST – reps in specific time
FUW – finish up with

I love this style of training because I never fully recover. This really gets me into that anaerobic training zone where I know I’m burning more fat than if I were to plod along at an easier intensity. The good news is that the workout is short (even though you may not think it’s very sweet), it’s over before you know it.

I get a lot of questions as to whether training for 20 minutes or so is long enough. The difference with this kind of training is that you really go ‘pedal to the metal’ for the entire time. Oh, you could drag your feet and make the workout last longer, but you’d only be wasting your time and lessening your potential fat loss results.

I talk all about how anaerobic training helps burn body fat in this post.fat burning zone X

Sadly, the world is a little slow to catch on that ‘aerobic’ training is not the key to fat loss success. There’s no such thing as a ‘fat burning zone’, unless you’re frying up some bacon on the stove 😉

Here’s what you’ll do for part two of the Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge:
Set your clock for 1:15/05, do the following:

5 walk out to plank push up FUW skater
10 squat with overhead hands FUW phantom skip
10 wall sit stick ups FUW lateral lunges
10 super man FUW skip hop
7 per rev lunge with prisoner position with arms FUW burpee

rest 30 sec

side squat walk FUW pulsing squat
10 burpees FUW shoe touch
10 wall sit stick ups FUW stationary sprint
10 squats with hands overhead FUW squat jump
spider crawl 7 per side FUW suicide

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