Bodyweight RIST & FUW Challenge Part 1

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I’m so saddened when I go into any gym and see the sea of treadmills with people plodding away working towards the body of their dreams. (The body they want will only come in their dreams at this rate.) These people are wasting their time, effort and potentially risking overuse injuries.Are you tired of hearing me drone on about the inefficiency of steady state cardio? cardio fail

Steady state cardio is the LEAST effective method of fat loss but it’s probably the most widely used method, along with doing a million crunches in the hopes of getting the abs to pop.

When on the ‘dreadmill’, calorie burning occurs while you plod along, and at a minimum at best. Once you step off the treadmill, bike or elliptical machine, your calorie burning efforts stop.

‘Aerobic’ training is death to fat loss. ‘Anaerobic training’ is where fat loss is at. The key to fat burning is incomplete recovery so your body is forced into anaerobic training.

Here’s the good news: Fat burning is improved in the presence of growth hormone. If you’re not six years old anymore with a ton of circulating GH, you can naturally increase growth hormone production by increasing lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced when training anaerobically. This is a big reason to lose the steady state cardio that many people have turned to for fat loss.

Simply replace steady state cardio with HIIT (high intensity interval training) along with strength training.

HIIT increases lactic acid production which boosts GH (growth hormone) which increases fat loss. Intense training, pushing into that anaerobic zone will help with fat loss more than steady state aerobic training.

Short on time and equipment and still want to utilize the more effective technique of anaerobic training?

Bodyweight workouts can always be a ‘go to’ option. The workout below is a  ‘RIST & FUW’ type workout.

RIST – reps in specific time
FUW – finish up with

Here’s what you’ll do:
Set your clock for 1:15/05, do the following:

15 prisoner squats FUW plank alt leg lift
10 burpees FUW side plank
15 per side mtn climber FUW side plank
10 wall stick up FUW plank saw
rest 30 sec
7 per leg RDL FUW wide outs
penquins 15 per side FUW squat jumps
7 per side get ups FUW side squat walks
10 per side wood chops FUW skater
shoe touch FUW burpee

Feel free to repeat these sets for a longer workout, the key is to GO HARD no matter how many sets you do, work at your own pace.

If you enjoy this kind of challenge, you’ll love Challenge Fat Loss workouts. You’ll be done in less than 20 minutes.

You’ll follow along with mch fat loss video pagee and the Challenge Fat Loss coaches as we take you through short, intense fat burning and muscle building workouts.

These workouts are designed so that you’ll increase lean muscle and burn fat using the M2A principle. M2A trumps long slow cardio. You’ll burn more calories while you’re training, as well as increase your metabolism with AFTERBURN to continue your calorie burning efforts long after you’re done working out. Workouts will help build lean muscle tone because muscle is metabolically active and will burn more calories even at rest.