Why Functional Fitness?

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Here I am with Dr. Dan Ritchie in Lapeer, MI. We spent a weekend filming follow along videos, along with his co-author Cody Sipes.

The weekend was good fun with these doctors. I suppose it was like a holiday for the two of them. They have VERY busy lives back home since Dan has 5 children and Cody has six. They must have felt a little lost without a gaggle of kids all over the place.

They’re always getting teased as to which one of them is going to win the biggest family competition.

Understandably, these guys are good with the little ones, but they’re masters with the mature crowd too. They are the authors of Functional Fitness, a program geared for those that are new to fitness, recovering from injury or 50+.

It’s really an amazing progressive program that takes you safely from a sedentary lifestyle to an advanced exerciser in short 20 minute sessions. I did the videos on the advanced workouts and they had me sweating. You can do one of the workouts from Functional Fitness in this post.

The KEY to any worthwhile program is well thought out movement progressions. As well, as the name implies, the program is geared for FUNCTIONALITY. You’ll be using bodyweight, tubing and simple DB moves to strengthen tighten and tone your entire body. You’ll move better, you’ll get stronger and leaner while reducing your chance of injury. You’ll find a TON of variety to hit your body from every angle. The program is progressive and periodized so you’ll gradually increase your intensity.

Here are some of the questions that I had sent in this week, so I had Dr Dan Ritchie answer:

Is this program going to hurt me?  Or make my joints hurt worse?

No, it actually is designed with aging and even arthritic joints in mind so while you may be sore at first it will help your joints feel better

And more importantly getting stronger allows you more range of motion and freedom to move with less pain.

Is this program just for “Seniors”?

No, this program really is designed for anyone 45 even up to 75 that just wants to feel better, move better and improve the strength, balance, flexibility and overall function.   This is not a ‘weightlifting in a chair’ senior exercise program.   There are 4 levels so if you are already active,  level 3 and 4 will challenge you; if you haven’t been exercising for 2 or 3 (or even 30 years) level 1 is perfect for you to begin.

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 How much time do I really have to commit?

Ideally 3-4 workouts per week is ideal. Each workout is only 17-20 minutes long with a 5 minute warmup so in 30 minutes tops, you’re done.

What if I have had a knee or hip replacement?  

This program is perfect for you, you will want to start with level 1, it is designed to help improve your balance and mobility

I just don’t think I have the energy to exercise will this help or wear me out?

This program is designed to invigorate you and give you back your vitality. Wouldn’t you like to feel 20 years younger? This program will not beat you up or wear you out, do this every morning and you will have more energy throughout your day.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

There’s a 60 day money back guarantee, so try the workouts and see how you do. If you find it’s not the right fit, then you can take advantage of the no hassle, no questions asked guarantee.

How do we know Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie can design a program for me?

I’ve known Dan and Cody for about 4 years now. They are the most passionate about the mature client and training for function for life, NOT fitness vanity.   They both have PhD’s and are THE experts in their field of exercise and aging.   They have trained and done research on over 2000 clients now.   They know how to design the best programs that really give people life changing results.

dan ritchie cody sipes and me

 How are these different from your Female Fat Loss Over 40 workouts?

The purpose of the Functional Fitness program is to improve your balance, muscular function,  joint range of motion and how you move your body. It’s all about mobility.  They are not really weight loss focused.   While they may help you lose some weight, the purpose of these workouts is to improve your function and improve movement.

While there is plenty of effort required for these workouts, they are much more focused on long term health.   This would be a great addition for clients that are new to fitness, rehabbing an injury, experiencing pain exercising, or find the Female Fat Loss Over 40 workouts too difficult.

If you’ve been wanting to get back into fitness, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I can’t recommend this plan strongly enough.

Check out Functional Fitness and win back your mobility, vitality and your life.

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