Too Old? Never!

agingI want to dedicate this post to all those readers, those champions of fitness that are a little older. You know who you are. You email me regularly with your questions and stories of inspiration.

Take Gerald for example. He’s 80, he’s recently started walking regularly, he gardens and he picked up Challenge Complexes.  He was curious if it was a little too tough for him.

Gerald has GAME! I told him to start the complexes with body weight moves and progress to light dumb bells and a broomstick.

The fact is, SOME of the programs I offer MAY be a little aggressive for some of my readers.

I think because I’m older, I attract an older crowd. This is fantastic, however, I want to offer a safe alternative to someone, maybe like Gerald, who needs to ease their way into fitness.

I was fortunate to be part of a cool program called ‘Functional Fitness’ by Dr. Cody Sipes and Dr. Dan Ritchie.

Here we are discussing the program:

Here’s a sample workout:

Level 2 Workout #1

Equipment: Tubing anchored chest level, dumbbells

Time: 17 min

  • Split Squat–12 reps each leg
  • Sleeping Dog front and back–3 reps each leg
  • Two arm standing dumbbell lateral raises–12 reps


  • Standing alternating tubing rows–12 reps each arm
  • Sleeping Dog side to side–5 reps
  • Standing alternating chest press–12 reps each arm


  • Standing alternating lat pull down–12 reps each arm
  • Heel Toe Rocks–30 seconds
  • Side Step Ups–12 reps each leg


  • Bridge with arms together–3 reps (5 sec hold)
  • Bird Dog with limb movement to side–2 reps each limb


Now every workout is video follow along. I’m in all the level 3 and 4 workouts and you’ll follow along with every rep and set.

If you’re at all intimidated by fitness, this  at home fitness solution is one to consider, especially if you are:

  • new to fitness
  • recovering from an injury
  • 50+ and need a ‘gentle’ approach
  • looking for ‘follow along’ videos
  • need ‘coaching’ along the way

This is a fantastic program to get you moving safely. Often times I’ll present programs that are a little too aggressive. If you need a place to get started with your return to fitness, this is the one.

Check out Functional Fitness