Accelerate Fat Loss? Meet Kate

kate v and me lapeer aug 2013

This is my good friend and trainer, Kate Vidulich. She’s from Australia and lives in New York City. She’s obviously running from something or someone to move from down under don’t you think?

I hate her.

She acts all sweet-like with her Australian accent and then she slowly kills you…

How about this killer? (You can totally modify the workout, don’t be intimidated…)

The Shawna K Special Accelerator:

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and do as many reps as possible, with good form.

Rest for 15 seconds between the exercises.

A) Walk out to T rotations x 45s – Rest 15s

B) Alternating Overhead Reverse Lunges x 45s – Rest 15s

C) Cross Body mountain climbers x 45s – Rest 15s

D) Super Prisoner Squat x 1

*You can use it to replace intervals at the end of your workout (do 2 rounds). Or, you can do off-day conditioning (do 3-4 rounds).

Check it out in the video below:

Make sure you check out her program  Ab Accelerators. 

She’s got a Step-By-Step Plan to Break Your Fat Loss Plateau and Melt 15 Pounds of Belly Fat in 21 Days…

These are a great addition to any program and fantastic alternative to long slow boring cardio. Keep in mind that for the price of this program, you can’t hire a mediocre personal trainer for one session let alone get 31 workouts. Kate is known for her results, check out her own transformation and those of her high paying New York clients HERE.

ab accelerator prdct grp

You can grab Kate’s Ab Accelerators HERE.

And let’s face it, Kate is just fun to listen to 😉