Another video workout + 10 Tips to Look Better Naked

New beginnings. There’s just something about a fresh start that’s motivating.

There are actually 52 opportunities for a fresh start in 2014 if you think of every Monday as a chance to start fresh and ‘reset’ bad habits. If you didn’t jump on the New Year resolution band wagon, there’s plenty of time to think about some healthy changes.

You could do a FAST start, or you could make changes slowly.

Either way, consider changing some unhealthy eating habits in 2014.

If you change one habit every week in 2014, you could transform your life this year.

These don’t have to be big changes. They could be manageable things like eating a vegetable at every meal, drinking more water, eating home prepared meals more.  For some, taking baby steps toward your goals, leads to success.

If you’re looking for slow and steady progress, this is the route to take. One small change a week, one week at a time. This works if you’re diligent at staying the course.

But maybe slow and steady just isn’t your style. Stay tuned for the release of Challenge Diet coming soon. If you’re the kind of person that needs instant results to keep you motivated, then this will be the plan for you.

Right now I’m beta testing it with a group and we’re getting very exciting results:

ch diet fb 9


ch diet fb 12ch diet fb 14
If fat loss is on your ‘to do’ list and you want to see some results right away, then you’ll love Challenge Diet. It’s based around a 21 days paleo style nutrition plan. As you can see, results are coming fast. The goal is to get in touch with your appetite and eat clean foods. Good news is that you’ll get a cheat meal every 7 days but incredibly most are finding they get a tummy ache when eating junk since the body gets accustomed to good fuel.

My goal with Challenge Diet is to help people learn solid eating habits for life. The 21 day jump start will give you motivating results to spring board you into better eating.

In the mean time, here are a few suggestions to implement (even one thing a week) to get your eating in order:

  • Get prepared – Make food prep a priority
  • Shop on the perimeter of grocery stores – If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, it’s likely that it’s best to avoid that food.
  • Eat out less – If you want to know exactly what’s going into your food, it’s a better bet to make your meals yourself.
  • Drink red wine – If you drink, this is a good choice: IN MODERATION, red wine has great health benefits.
  • Get your vitamin D – Most people in northern climates are vitamin D deficient. Not only will this help you achieve your weight loss goals, it’ll also help prevent disease.
  • Eat more fish

fat loss tips for women

  • Eat coconut – It’s tasty, very portable, and it’s full of fiber.
  • Increase fiber intake – Consuming more fiber will make you feel fuller for longer, keep your bowels regular, and keep your blood sugar stable. Try for at least 30 g/day.
  • Eat more probiotics
  • Be more aware of sugar intake – Try consuming foods containing less than 2tsp (10g) of sugar per serving.
  • Be a veggie-monster – Try to increase your veggie consumption to 4cups/day.
  • Make breakfast a priority – Make it a priority to eat within the first 20 minutes of waking up to get your metabolism going.

And speaking of metabolism, here’s a great workout for you:


This is a bodyweight workout that uses the RIST and FUW method.

RIST means ‘reps in specific time’ and FUW means ‘finish up with’

Set your timer for 45/10 and do:

-5 prisoner squat finish up with burpees
-5/leg spiderman push ups finish up with plank alternate leg lift
-wall sit with 5 stick ups finish up with sit outs

Do 5 rounds

Who says you need equipment to have a great workout?

You’ll find a ton of fun burpee workouts in my Challenge Burpee plan. You’ll get coaching videos and 50+ ways to love the burpee 😉 in my ‘Big Book of Beautiful Burpees’.

burpee prod grp

These are terrific workouts to do on your day off from training, or you can even use this plan as a stand alone. Workouts are 15-20 minutes, you could even do two workouts to make your training session a little longer (as long as you don’t train more than 40 minutes, if your workout is longer than this, it’s likely not intense enough).