Miami Success Lesson

I’m in Miami with of 50+ of the best trainers around. We get together a few times a year to share how we help clients, what programs we work, what strategies and best practices get the best results. I was one of four that had opportunity to teach which was super fun.

Image Here are a bunch of us chowing down at Prime 112 in Miami Beach. That’s Kate Vidulich beside me, Joel Marion looks like he’s snoozing (must be Craig Ballantyne’s stories), Vince Delmonte is upfront, Rick Kaselj, Mike Whitfield, Mike Westerdal, Dani Woodrum, Bedros Keuilian and more did our best to eat the place out of business. We failed, but did our best 😉

Shaun Hadsell was sitting across from me (taking the pic). I wanted to share a big ‘ah-ha’ to you, but if you can’t read more, Shaun has a great article for you here.

The reason I’m telling you about who I’m hanging out with is not to brag or anything.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is I want to share a very important lesson I’ve learned about being successful.

It doesn’t matter where you’re looking for success. It could be with your business, your fitness, your nutrition or anything really.

When you surround yourself with success, you have a much better chance of being successful yourself.

Let’s talk about this in regard to your weight.

Have you read this?

An obesity study in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed that people were most likely to become obese when a friend became obese. In fact, it increased one’s chances of becoming obese by 57 percent.

The greatest influence of all was between mutual close friends. If one became obese, the other had a 171 percent increased chance of becoming obese too.

Interesting right? If weight is an issue for you, it makes you want to look around at the people you’re surrounding yourself with.

If you’re looking to drop some pounds, you don’t have to have skinny – minny friends, but you do need to surround yourself with people with similar goals or at the very least people that support your goals.

Here’s some tough love that’s helped me:

I seriously consider who I surround myself with and I actually ‘unfriend’ those that don’t support me or if they are sabotaging my goals. I’ll do my best to support the goals of those in my life. If I look at those that I spend the most time with, I surround myself with people that I respect, are positive and want to emulate.

Of course there will always be those in my life that I can’t ‘unfriend’, but I’ll keep them a little at a distance.

Consider this with your fat loss.

Are people constantly tempting you with unhealthy food? Distracting you from your workout? Telling you ‘you don’t need to change’ (when you know that you’d be happier and healthier if you did).

If this is the case, maybe it’s time to reconsider who you spend the most time with.

I know it’s tough, but being unhealthy is even tougher.

And speaking of weight…

If you want to jump start your fat loss NOW, I have a healthy solution for you. If you want to lose as much fat as humanly possible in ONE week – safely and effectively – just follow the 5 steps my friend Shaun Hadsall has for you on this page.

Warning: While the steps are PROVEN to yield extremely rapid fat loss, it requires some work on your part so be prepared.

Even better still, get some social support, follow these 5 steps together with a friend and you’ll ensure your chances of success.

Read the 5 steps here.