Amazing Tricep and Ab Combination Exercise

Lots of you know my good friend and pancake aficionado, Mikey Whitfield.  Mike WhitfieldAs you may or many not know, Mike has lost 105 lbs, has managed to keep it off and even indulges regularly in his favorite meal (pancakes of course).  Mike has a fantastic finisher that will crush your abs here and the bonus is that your triceps will be toasted nicely too.

Thank you very much Mikey. Take it away….

Amazing Tricep And Ab Combo Exercise

Guest post from Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

Author: Ab Finishers

Boom goes the ab-finishing dynamite. You’re in for a treat as I will show you an amazing ab exercise that will not only get your abs stronger, but you’ll also hit your triceps.

So, how do we do this?

It’s simple. Once you’re done with any of Shawna’s Challenge Workouts, plug this 3-minute finisher that targets your abs. Not only will you burn more calories and dig deep into your fat cells (because this is after your main workout), but you’ll also hit your entire core including your obliques (aka love handles) and lower abs.

Here’s how to do it:

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed.

  • Plank to Tricep Extension (5)
  • Goblet Squat (5)
  • Mountain Climbers (5 per side)

Watch it here:

Plug in an Ab Finisher to hit your core and burn more fat, and you’ll get a great start to 2014.

To starting and finishing your goals,

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

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Mike Whitfield has lost 105 pounds propelling his passion into the fitness industry. His work has been seen in the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs, the Men’s Health Blog, the AJC, Turbulence Training and more. Whitfield also received the prestigious Turbulence Trainer of the Year Award in 2012.