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Question: Quick question about Challenge Complexes just for clarification purposes. I’m currently doing the DB complexes. So I pick one video and complete it to the fullest then I’m done. I’ve been dying to find a workout in under 30 minutes as I have a super busy schedule but now that I have it I’m afraid it won’t be enough. I’d live to lose my skinny fat and gain leanness and muscle. Thanks. You’re awesome!

Answer: I know it’s a hard thing to wrap your head around, training for only 20-30 min instead of longer. But you really just need to give it a go, give it your all and see your results.

If you have gas in the tank at the end of your 30 min, then you know you need to train harder. It will take a bit of adjustment to understand the intensity necessary to benefit from the shorter workout, but once you get a sense of the intensity needed, you’ll realize that that time investment is enough. All the best, keep me posted.


Question: You have 2 programs, the Challenge Fat Loss and Challenge Complex. I am trying to determine the main difference. Based on corporate life style I like the idea of doing the 20 to 30 minutes a day. Not apposed to weight lighting I have dumbbells and kettle bells at home. I’m a 53 year old male about 60 lbs overweight health is very good other then the weight and a slow metabolism. Any suggestion or notes of main difference of programs appreciated.

Answer: Both programs, Challenge Fat Loss and Challenge Complexes will work well for fat loss.

The Challenge Complexes  program is a bit more advanced in terms of exercises. You will string a bunch of exercises together using either a barbell, DB’s or KB. This plan has coaching videos to intro the workout and then you do the workout on your own.

Challenge Fat Loss is a full video follow along program so you’ll get more support. You’ll need some equipment, but only basic home stuff (DB’s possibly a KB, a pull up bar). Both programs are challenging, thus the name. You’ll find more modifications in the Challenge Fat Loss plan because I walk you through everything.

It’s really a matter of preference Both plans have workouts that are 20 min and under, both will raise your metabolism and build muscle. Challenge Fat loss has a bit more impact since you’ll be jumping rope and doing burpees etc, that sort of thing. Not sure if that helps or not. What can I say? I love both plans and use both  methods in my training. The workouts are fun with lots of variety. You could actually use both at the same time. Do 3 Challenge Fat Loss workouts per week and pepper in a complex twice.


Question: What is a spider crawl? Pj

Answer: Here you go Pj:
The idea is to keep the hips low and bring the foot up to the hand. This works the core and opens up the hips.


Question: I’m new to challenge workouts. Burpees are tough so I’m wondering if i should do them everyday and how many should I try to do per set. How many sets per session? I’m a 55 yr old guy that’s been doing the long boring cardio and a few weights for yrs. Can’t get rid of or even trim down the love handles. I want to shave a few inches off my 36” waist. What are your recommendations. Thanks for your program.

Answer: I laughed at your comment 😉 Yes, burpees are tough compared to boring cardio, but they work.  You didn’t mention what program you have or maybe you’ve just found my blog? You’ll find 50+ variations including video demos of how to modify the burpee in Challenge Burpee.

In any case, practice does make things easier, but just when they’re easier, you need to challenge yourself with more reps, faster pace, harder variation etc, so that you don’t plateau and you keep getting results. My suggestion is to start with a short burpee workout such as:

30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of rest, repeat 4 times

Gradually increase the number of sets you do, the number of burpees you do in each set to increase density, next you could shorten the rest between sets.

Of course you could use my Challenge Burpee program or any of the workouts that I throw in burpees (many of them in Challenge Fat Loss and even in Challenge Complexes).

Hope that helps. When in doubt, do burpees.


Question: Should I eat before I train? And if so, what??

Answer: As for a protein drink, it’s best to have it after with a little carbs. You want a small insulin spike AFTER the workout to help with recovery and you won’t be apt to put on fat at this time. This is the only time of day that a rise in insulin is okay. You can’t lose fat in the presence of insulin, but at this time it helps with muscle building and recovery.

It depends on your energy levels as to whether you should train on an empty stomach or not. It’s often an individual thing. If you get nauseated from eating it’s obviously not a good idea, or you need to find something to eat that won’t turn your stomach. You need to have enough energy to get you thru your workout without getting light headed or dizzy and give you energy to finish.

My suggestion if you eat before your train is to have protein and slow digesting carbs 2-3 hours before your workout.

My favorite protein is Biotrust vanilla. I’ll either put it in some Greek yogurt with some berries, or blend it up in a shake with some berries. It’s quality tasty protein that is slow digesting and easy on the tummy. If you’re choosing a different brand than Biotrust, make sure that you buy a small quantity at first and test it out. Some brands are straight up nasty, they’ll upset your stomach and the ingredients are pretty questionable.


Okay, I’ll leave you with a bodyweight workout today. This one is pretty demanding since it’s got everyone’s favorite: the burpee 😉

You’re free to swap in jump rope or full body extensions or any other HIIT option you’d like in place of the burpee if you get burpee’d out (is that even possible? who doesn’t love copious amounts of burpees?)

Just a minute
Advanced: 1 min/10 secburpees NO more
Intermediate: 45 sec/10 sec
Beginner: 30 sec/10 sec
Do three rounds

  • burpee
  • push up
  • burpee
  • prisoner squat
  • burpee
  • super man

Rest 30 sec
*burpee alternatives: full body extension, burpee walk out, double jump burpee, frogger burpee, 5 jacks + burpee (find more than 50+ options here)


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