Have a Dumb bell? Do This :)

A quickie. Sometimes you just gotta have one…quickie

I’m talking about a workout, of course.

I know your time is tight but I know you still want to get in a workout.

As you know, complexes are ‘da bomb’ for getting in a quick fat burning, muscle building workout in record time. Here’s a countdown set.

Start with 10 reps, then do 8 reps, 6, 4, and 2 reps.

Time this workout and then in the next time around try and beat your time. Don’t increase the speed of the reps, decrease the rest and transition time.

This is a full body workout.

#1 – Cross Leg Mountain Climber

Cross Leg Mountain Climber

Hands on dumbbells. Shoulders stacked over hands. Twist the torso to touch opposite elbow to opposite knee. Right and left is one rep.

#2 – Deadlift with a Burpee Push Up

Deadlift with a Burpee Push Up


#3 – Bent Over Reverse Fly

Bent Over Reverse Fly


#4 – Front Squat

Front Squat

Keep a narrow stance. Keep the dumbbells high on the chest, load the hips, and don’t let the dumbbells come in front.

#5 – One Leg Romanian Deadlift with Reverse Lunge

One Leg Romanian Deadlift with Reverse Lunge

Do a One leg Romanian Deadlift to a Reverse Lunge.  Try not to touch that foot down before doing the reverse lunge.

Remember, make sure the reps are quality reps where you are doing full range of motion.

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That’s a quick full body workout. No excuses. You can get your workout done in a very short time, small space, with very little equipment.