Burpees and the Suspension Trainer

burpees gotta finish

Those of you that have spent any time on my blog know that I LOVE burpees.

Yes, I probably need my head examined (but burpees are the least of my worries if I’m going to be really honest).

What’s so great about a burpee?

Well, aside from the full on awesome-ness of just doing what no one likes (I like to do the opposite of the masses), burpees:

  • require NO equipment
  • use your entire body
  • take up NO space
  • can be done ANYWHERE
  • can be modified or intensified (I have 77+ variations here)
  • make you smile (or throw up, or maybe both ;))

Seriously folks, there’s NO need to spend $$$’s on a treadmill or other space taking monstrosity in your home. Burpees are the bomb.

Here’s a fun workout for you to try from my Challenge Burpee program.

Challenge Burpee Workout #16 –  Holy hamstring Finisher

Do the following two exercises AMRAP style (as many rounds as possible) in 6 – 8 minutes:challengeburpee

  • 3x one legged long jump burpee
  • 3x bodyweight RDL same leg
  • 3x one legged long jump burpee OTHER leg
  • 3x bodyweight RDL OTHER leg

Aaaand, if you love burpees, you’re gonna love what the suspension trainer and guru Dan Long shows you.

He’s got a one legged burpee on the suspension trainer that you can swap out in place of any regular burpee to up the fun factor and YOUR fat burning furnace. Your metabolism will be on fire and your hamstrings will be too when you do the one legged suspension trainer burpee.

Challenge Burpee is full of the ‘tried and true’ burpees in combination with body weight exercises to blast fat and up YOUR fitness game.

You’ll also get the ALL NEW Bodyweight Burpee Challenge 

  • Enjoy 10 MORE bodyweight burpee workouts that are under 20 minutes.
  • Workouts can be done anywhere, any time with little space and with your bodyweight and the beautiful burpee.
  • Get even MORE fun and challenging workouts incorporating the burpee.

JUST ADDED: The Burpee Challenge

Want 16 MORE Burpee Workouts that will push your burpee limit? Named ‘Burpee Challenge Workouts’ for a reason, you’ll love these additional challenges.

You’ll NEVER be wanting for more burpee workouts you’ll have so many burpee variations and workouts to choose from.

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And that’s not all…

Dan has a great plan called Suspension Revolution. He has all kinds of innovative ways to kick yodan long sus rev prod grpur own butt.

While I’m NOT a big fan of fitness ‘gadgets’, the suspension trainer is definitely one that I use on a regular basis. Especially if you have NO experience using this device, you’ll want to check out Dan’s program. Advanced folks will love his advanced workouts, there’s something for everyone.

He’s got it on sale this week, so you can grab it for only $27.

I’d also like to send you some Challenge Workouts to go along with Dan’s Suspension Revolution. I’ve got 7 workouts and 4 bonus workouts here for you.

When you pick up his program BEFORE August 14th, 2014 at midnight, I’ll forward you this bonus….

trx boot camp challenge workoutPS. You’ll also want to check out my Challenge Burpee  program, you’ll love the coaching videos, the Bigger Book of Beautiful Burpees and more.