Challenge Complexes Are Here!

I’m SO excited to share this with you…

Challenge Complexes are here!

Replace cardio and even HIIT with Challenge Complexes.

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With the holidays around the corner, maybe you need some direction with your nutrition?

Here’s a ‘one day’ diet plan that will help you cope with the day diet

 Just follow the simple ONE Day Diet meal plan that my great friend and top nutritionist Josh Bezoni is GIVING AWAY at the below link:

The ONE Day Diet (exactly what to eat)

At this link, Josh lays out the entire diet for you, showing you EXACTLY what to eat, meal-by-meal…no guesswork.

Just follow this DROP DEAD simple meal plan, and
it will help you navigate the holiday season with all the social eating without gaining an ounce.

The ONE Day Diet<——- 100% F.REE, no strings


sev sweaterSev isn’t very thrilled about his new Christmas sweater…in fact, he found it and chewed a hole in the arm. Now as a consequence he has to wear a holy sweater. What will the other dogs think? When ever he gets the sweater on, he stops all his shenanigans and goes to his bed to pout.

Oh dear….time for me to get a life 😉