Cupcakes on a Snowy Day (workout too)

It’s nasty weather here in Calgary  as you can see….I often wonder why I even live here ———————————————->>

When I take my poor dog Sev, outside, it seems so horribly unfair that I get all bundled up and he wears nothing (he hates the Christmas sweater that Hannah got him….picture coming soon.)

For me, it’s a Snow Day workout at home and then it’s the perfect day to do something I don’t normally do…Read on.


Here’s what you’ll do for the workout… 10 reps of each:

  • incline push up
  • squat to bench
  • DB single arm row each side
  • bench tricep extension
  • 100 skips with the jump rope (or phantom skip with no rope)

Repeat this 3 to 5 times depending on your time, energy and fitness level or how much snow you need to shovel 😉

For more fun at home ideas, you check out my program for full video follow along workouts that you can do with very little time, space or equipment.


Now I’m gonna go do some baking…(This is not a typo.)

My daughter, Hannah is quite the cupcake baker so I want to surprise her with some ‘healthy’ cupcakes. I’m experimenting for Christmas and figure that I’d best do a trial run. I’m going to try to make the recipe below. I certainly don’t want to go outside to face the elements, so I may as well stay warm cookin these:

belinda cupcakec1

My good friend Belinda Benn created “Sinfully Healthy”, a set of cookbooks which include 24 healthy (and unique) cupcake recipes like:

  • Metabolism-Boosting Cupcakes
  • Pure-Cleansing Cupcakes
  • Energy Boosting Cupcakes
  • Gourmet-Indulgence Cupcakes
  • Protein-Power Cupcakes
  • Libido-Enhancing Cupcakes

Each cupcake is delicious and actually good you because they’re power packed with super food ingredients, such as quinoa, maca powder and goji berries and use alternative sweeteners like Stevia. This means you get the same rich taste without all the sugar, fat and calories.

Take a look at the pics here and see if your mouth doesn’t water too.

I also like that Belinda includes instructions for making ingredient substitutions on your favorite recipes to make them healthier.  So Hannah can swap out the ingredients in HER recipes to make them healthier. Thankfully she’s at an age where she’s willing to do this, the whole ‘I won’t eat it cuz it’s healthy’ stage is long past.

If you’re interested in the Sinfully Healthy cookbook package, it includes:

  • Sinfully Healthy Gourmet Cookbook – over 100 super-tasty and healthy recipes for any occasion the whole family will enjoy!
  • Sinfully Healthy Cupcakes Cookbook – 24 delicious super food cupcakes to help you burn the fat, boost your energy, improve your libido, increase your metabolism and much more!
  • Christmas Super Food Snacks & Treats – stop guilty snacking by eating these delicious snacks which are actually good for you!
  • 21-Day Fat Burning Accelerator Program – a unique and never before released rapid fat loss nutrition program which is designed to kick start your fat-burning efforts and see serious results in only 21 days!
  • The Optimizer High Intensity Workout – designed to be used with the 21 day fat burning accelerator, this workout burns the maximum number of calories possible to really ignite your fat burning potential
  • Torch The Fat Recipes – this added extra bonus which is ONLY available until midnight (insert date) will give you mouth-watering recipes to help burn unwanted fat

I can never have enough HEALTHY recipes to help my horrid cooking, but my cooking is actually improving 😉

Check out Belinda’s recipes here.