NEVER Use These Ab Training Approaches

 A waste of time…that’s what many ab training approaches are.

Sadly, there’s an area that I walk by when I get into the gym and I see the same people there day in and day out hammering away at their abs. And they always look the same. Have you seen this?

It bugs me when well-meaning and motivated people are misled with their training. They do crunches and all manner of twisting and bending in an effort to reveal their abs when they tend to often do more hard than good. They put in a ton of effort and get little or nothing in return.  No wonder people get discouraged.

As far as ab training goes, the core is the “foundation” of other lifts, in fact, it doesn’t take much to stimulate your abs. The thing is… most people go about their ab training wrong and end up with sore backs and worse…

they literally can FORCE their stomachs to stick out further!

You can fix this problem right here:

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Here are 3 ab training approaches to AVOID…

Mistake # 1 – Train for Endurance and NOT Strength

Have you seen this image of a sprchallenge workoutsinter vs marathoner? (Sorry, but I don’t know anyone who’s dream body reflects the scrawny, gaunt marathoner.) 

Even though most people find the marathoner’s physique less aesthetically desirable, most people are training like a marathoner – without even realizing it. They’re doing hundreds, if not thousands of reps of the same ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups, plus long cardio workouts.

Instead of doing more reps in your workouts, you need to progress the exercise to challenge yourself. For example, once you master lying leg raises, try doing a Hanging Knee Raises, Ab Wheel Rollouts or another unique variation.

 Mistake # 2 – Train Your Abs Every Single Day

Even though it was traditionally thought MORE exercise is considered BETTER, it is completely unnecessary to train your abdominals every day. In fact, this can destroy your neck and back. Your abs are involved in EVERY other exercise you do, (because you’re avoiding seated machine exercises and you’re doing compound movements right??). So since you’re engaging your abdominals with other exercises, keep your targeted ab training to 3-4 times per week (but go hard!).

Mistake # 3 – Only Move Through One Plane of Motion

Your abs are more than just the ‘six pack’ or rectus abdominus. There are actually four layers to your abdomindal wall. The idea is to train your abdominals in three dimensions to support its main roles: stabilization, rotation, resisting movement and lending support simultaneously.

The most popular abdominal move is the crunch. This move will target the rectus abdominus almost exclusively (along with the hip flexors). As well, it only works the core in one plane of motion.

You need to train ALL muscles in your stomach and lower back, through multiple planes of motion. By adding exercises like core rotations or diagonal wood chops to your routine, you’ll feel those muscles fire as you create hard-rock abs.

You can even use this ab exercise on this page to hit your entire core

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You’ll do:
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rest 30 seconds

Do Three rounds.

Be sure to STAY OFF the treadmill no matter what you do!

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