NEVER Use These Ab Training Approaches

Let’s talk abs…I want to reveal three mistakes that most make when training their abs and what you can do differently. I have to give my friend, Kate Vidulich credit as she’s shared these ideas with me. You can learn more about mistakes people make when looking to flatten the mid section HERE.

Mistake #1

Who would you rather look like?

marathoner vs sprinter

Most people I know would prefer to look lean and toned like the sprinter. While the marathoner is slim, typically they don’t have the muscle tone or shape that women desire.

As you know, marathon running is an endurance event and the bodies of those doing a marathon reflect the nature of their sport. They build ‘endurance’ but not shapely muscle as sprinting does.

One big mistake with training the abominals is that many take the ‘marathon’ approach: more is better.

Wrong. Instead of doing more reps in your workouts, you need to progress the exercise to challenge yourself. For example, once you master lying leg raises, try doing a Hanging Knee Raises, Ab Wheel Rollouts or another unique variation.

You’ll get the exact exercise progressions right here.

Mistake # 2 – Train Your Abs Every Single Day

Even though it was traditionally thought MORE exercise is considered BETTER, it is completely unnecessary to train your abdominals every day. In fact, this can destroy your neck and back. Your abs are involved in EVERY other exercise you do, (because you’re avoiding seated machine exercises and you’re doing compound movements right??). So since you’re engaging your abdominals with other exercises, keep your targeted ab training to 3-4 times per week (but go hard!).

Mistake # 3 – Only Move Through One Plane of Motion

Your abs are more than just the ‘six pack’ or rectus abdominus. There are actually four layers to your abdomindal wall. The idea is to train your abdominals in three dimensions to support its main roles: stabilization, rotation, resisting movement and lending support simultaneously.

The most popular abdominal move is the crunch. This move will target the rectus abdominus almost exclusively (along with the hip flexors). As well, it only works the core in one plane of motion.

You need to train ALL muscles in your stomach and lower back, through multiple planes of motion. By adding exercises like core rotations or diagonal wood chops to your routine, you’ll feel those muscles fire as you create hard-rock abs.

You can even use this ab exercise on this page to hit your entire core

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You’ll do:
12 superman planks
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10 crab crawls (I call them spider crawls)
rest 30 seconds

Do Three rounds.

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