NYC Push Complex Challenge

NYC appleI recently was on a trip with my daughter to NYC. We had good times exploring the fabulous city while starting our day with a short intense workout. This one is a push DB complex we did in the hotel gym.

You can do it with a timer or you can count reps. I did four rounds, but you can do 3-5 rounds depending on your fitness level and time available.


Here are the exercises:

burpees (12 reps)
DB alternate push press/wide press (12 reps)
DB single arm thruster (6 per arm)
DB lateral raise (12 reps)
DB over head tri extension (12 reps)
Rest 30 seconds

OR do 45 seconds of work with a 15 second rest/transition (take no rest between sets)

This was a fantastic metabolism boosting, fat burning and muscle building workout done in less than 20 minutes.

Be sure to STAY OFF the treadmill.

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