My Top 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

My Top 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever found yourself doing something you know is bad?

You might reach for a dessert when it’s clearly not your cheat day, or perhaps you decide that the couch looks way more comfortable then the gym so you sit at home instead. This happens to the best of us, right? But why?

The real reason you do these BAD things knowing that they will prevent you from reaching your goals is because of your habits.

I’m not just talking about the things you do consciously, I’m talking about the things you do subconsciously. I’m sure you’ll agree that the habits that you’ve engrained into your subconscious mind are the reason you are who you are today, right?

But what most people don’t realize is that these very habits are what will make you into the person you will become in the days, weeks, months and years from now.

If you know deep down inside that you still have some bad habits that are preventing you from looking, feeling and performing your best then make sure you read this whole article to the very end.

In it, I’m gonna show you just a few of the most critical habits you should change and a simple and effective way to eliminate BAD habits and change them into GOOD ones!

You see, most people who don’t have the body of their dreams, or who aren’t living the life they always wanted simply have a set of bad habits. The trick is, if you change those habits, you can permanently change your life.

And I’m not talking about making HUGE habit changes either. You don’t have to completely change your diet or start working out for hours a day. In fact sometimes subtle changes will help you get further then HUGE changes.

The problem is that most people have no idea where to even start and they end up making no changes at all. Or… Even worse… They aren’t even ware of the bad habits they currently have.

Here’s my top 5 MOST POWERFUL habits you can focus on forming that will have the greatest impact on transforming your body and your life:

HABIT #1 – Get A Good Night’s Sleep Sleeping Girl

Most people underestimate the impact a god night’s sleep can have on their mood, energy, recovery from workouts and ultimately the way their body looks.

You will probably agree that having good hormones is key if you want to look great and feel great, right?

The fact is that during deep sleep, your hormones go through a resetting process that eliminates the negative hormonal impact you put on your body from the days and weeks before. But… If you never get a good nights sleep, this never happens.

Fix this by making a habit of aiming for 7.5 hours of quality sleep so your body can optimize it’s hormones and you can look, feel and perform your best!

HABIT #2 – Drink More Water

One of the easiest ways to stall your progress is to become dehydrated. In fact, even a 2% drop in your hydration can effect your mood, energy, recovery, brain function and performance during your workouts. drink water

To fix this is easy… Make a habit out of drinking a minimum of 0.5oz per lb (1oz per kg) of water every single day. This usually means 64oz to 128oz per day (2-3.75l).

HABIT #3 – Eat Your Veggies

We all know that we have to eat our veggies, right? But do you really consume the recommended 10+ servings daily?

Without changing anything else in your diet, if all you do is add in more veggies you will feel better, look better and be a much healthier version of you. What’s the best way to add veggies into your diet?

Simple… Follow these 2 tips:
– Make a habit our of eating a salad every day for lunch or dinner
– Make a habit out of eating a pile of cooked or steamed veggies with your dinner

HABIT #4 – Walk Every Day

Walking GirlMost people don’t know that walking is perhaps the greatest exercise EVER! Here’s just a few of the many benefits walking has on your body:
– Walking put’s you in the PERFECT fat burning ZONE
– Walking improves you mood
– Walking increases lymphatic flow throughout your body which makes you heal faster and boosts your immune system
– And soooo much more!

If you want to be the healthiest, happiest and best looking version of you, then make a habit out of walking for 20 minutes every day.

HABIT #5 – Make Sure You Laugh Today

Did you know that laughter is really the best medicine? Just google laughter and cancer and you will see numerous articles about people who’s cancer went into remission when they applied more laughter to their lives.

As it turns out, laughter has an extremely positive impact on your immune system, energy levels and mood! To love a better life, make the habit out of laughing every single day!

These 5 habits can have a powerful impact on the way you look, feel and perform!

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