NYC Hotel Room Workout


It all seemed like a good idea from the comfort and quiet of my home office with Sev at my feet. I thought I would feel more adventurous in real life. Turns out I feel like a fish out of water.

I live in a city of a million, but NYC is on another level entirely.

Hannah and I planned on taking the train to Long Island to visit friends. The time change of two hours had us behind from the start. I whipped over to Starbucks and brought back coffee and opted for a hotel room workout while Hannah got showered up. (I woke up early to work on my laptop. I have anxiety if I can’t get in a couple hours of work and would prefer to forego sleep to stay on top of things.)

Hannah had a bit of a surprise when she looked out of the shower to see me hanging from the door jam. The shower condensation didn’t help my tenuous grip, but I found I could brace my feet on the sides of the frame a little for a little support.

She told me that she ‘didn’t read the fine print‘ when it came to traveling with me.

I always have my jump rope with me and our room had a huge high ceiling so I was in luck there. I pretty much hit legs, core and upper body push/pull muscles with this one.

I wanted to make sure we had a full day of adventure so this 15 minute workout in the room was just enough for the day:

Set your timer for 45/10

  • Jump rope
  • Prisoner 1 1/2 squats
  • Spiderman push ups
  • Door jam pull ups (or wall sit stick ups if this isn’t an option)

3-5 rounds (depending on how anxious your traveling companion is to get out exploring)
A little sweat, a shower and we were off.

NYC door jam pull up 2

NYC door jam pull up

NYC jump rope


I know you probably think I’m a little crazy (heck, my own daughter rolls her eyes at me), but the fact is, I spent 15 minutes moving and then I could enjoy the day. There’s ALWAYS a way to fit in something.

If you need a plan, Challenge Jump Rope is a really great one to use when traveling. All you need is your jump rope for most of the workouts, they’re simple (to follow) and under 20 minutes.




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