99 Burpee Take Away Challenge

math funnyBefore I get to the workout for today, I need to clear something up. I’m an expert in burpees and pull ups and the like, I never claimed to be a mathematician 😉  It seems that in this next workout, even COUNTING was too complicated for me.


I set the workout up on my whiteboard in my gym. Now, to be fair, this wasn’t just ‘regular’ counting, this was counting backwards (far more complicated right?). I decided to count from 15-5 (that seemed like 10 sets to me). Then when I put the numbers on the board to fill in the various burpees that I’d be doing, I somehow forgot to add #11 😉

No, I don’t have anything against #11.

I’m clearly a moron. But you’re gonna love this workout just the same and it all adds up to 99 burpees, which is a cool number of burpees right? I mean, who wants to do 110 burpees anyways? (That’s clearly excessive ;))

Here’s a full body kick a$$ workout…

This is a ‘RIST’ style workout, that means ‘reps in specific time’. The goal is to get 15 reps the first set and count down every set after. Each set is one minute long.

Of course the workout contains everyone’s favourite exercise: the BURPEE!

Now you can follow along with me or you can do this on your own.

To spice things up, I’ve added a different burpee variation for each of the 10 sets. You can do my variation, do your own or just do regular burpees. For this workout, I did NOT do the push up except for one set.

Here are the variations I did for each set:99 burpee take away
15. regular burpee
14. rev lunge burpee
13. burpee with push up
12. double jump burpee
11. mountain climber burpee (Duh! I forgot to do #11 in the video)
10. get up burpee
9. plank jack burpee
8. lateral lunge burpee
7. tuck jump burpee
6. RDL burpee
5. sit out burpee

Do it!

Let me know how you do with this one. (There’s a comment section, use it :))

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burpee prod grp

big book of beautiful burpee graphic