Challenge Jump Rope Ab Finisher

We all know that crunches are the LEAST effective way to find your six pack right? You know that you CAN NOT spot reduce and you could do crunches all day long and still not find your abs. So don’t bother.

crunches 300x172 Jump Rope Ab Finisher

There are WAY more effective ways to tighten, tone and strengthen your core.

Here’s my good friend, Mike ‘pancakes’ Whitfield with a jump rope ab finisher for you.

Now Mikey is a big finisher freak. He suggests doing these finishers after any workout, including a challenge workout. OR, you could do them on your day off.

I love that Mike added the jump rope in this finisher since I’m a jump rope freak 😉

Here’s what you’ll do:

20 sec jump rope
6 per side spider climb
6 per side

Then repeat the 20 second jump rope each set, but count down on the spider crawls.

Good times.

Thanks to Mikey, I know you’ll enjoy that one.

For more cool jump rope ideas, grab Challenge Jump Rope and stay tuned for Ab Finishers coming up soon.

Happy training!