Challenge Complex with Sev

complex wo w pics Here’s a fun Challenge Complex workout for you.

One of the reason I love complexes is because I loathe doing traditional ‘cardio’. When I do a complex, I get my heart rate up, boost my metabolism and I work on strength all at once. I can lessen the load on all lifts so I can work on technique on each lift. Instead of going faster on a complex, I’ll add more load.

I’m really enjoying these Challenge Complexes I started doing and I know you will too.  

This workout can be done in AMRAP style (as many rounds as possible) or you can do it the way I did by doing 8 reps of each exercise for up to six rounds.

Instead of a video today, I’ve got some pictures for you.

Here’s the workout:

8 reps of each exercise, rest as little as possible:

  • snatch
  • front squat push press
  • RDL
  • one arm pull up (4 per side)
  • burpee
  • hanging leg raise

Sev added some fun by attacking my head during the burpee. He’d crouch down nose to nose to me and then all of a sudden he’d pounce unexpectedly, by then I’d be done my burpees and move to the hanging legs raises where he’d try to bite my shoes.