I Got Legs! (And now they’re tired and sore ;)

Challenge workouts
Time for a few Q and A’s on the blog and I’ll finish off with a punishing workout for you…..

Question: I was wondering if a workout example could be sent to me to read over. I am a person that has bad knees and foot, was wondering if it is it possible to utilize this program in my life. Does it start off for a beginner or directly into advanced abilities. Thanks for your information in helping me decide if it is a program I can do. Debi

Just so you know, you have 60 days to review the program and return if it’s not suitable. I hope this helps. All the best with your fitness and working around your limitations. We can do all no or low impact exercise (which is always explained in the videos). The program IS progressive (starts off easier and gets more challenging).


Question: Would love to hear how you would (advise) get your TA back into shape after pregnancy. After 2nd baby (12 weeks post natal) I’m just not as cut as I want to be in lower abs and ready to try something new/hard/challenging. Have been flowing your workouts so am doing various burpees, pull-ups, weights etc & try to run a couple of times a week. Suggestions? Thanks – love your workouts!

Answer: Congrats on being a mom! And congrats on working to get into awesome shape again.

Your body takes some time to get back into your former condition and you’re doing everything right by the sounds of it. I hope you’re following a sensible eating plan as well since nutrition is more than half the battle once you’re training.

Remarkably as you do HIIT and resistance training, your abs will begin to appear due to fat loss (that is, you can’t spot reduce).

Any planking will help to hit the TA, take a look at some of the ab posts that I have for you. Here are some good posts (especially the first post) on ab training.

Ab Mistakes to Avoid  challenge abs

Diastasis Recti

I hope this helps, keep me posted on your progress. Be kind to yourself, you recieved the best prize (your baby) and your body will return with time and effort.


And now for a killer body weight workout for you:

Here’s a tough bodyweight workout that you can do with NO equipment:

  • 20 seconds jump squat/10 seconds rest 20 seconds
  • jump squat/10 seconds pulsing squat
  • Repeat this 4 times

Then do 40 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest:cfl product grp

  • Swing lunge
  • Swing lunge other leg
  • Single Leg RDL walk out to push up
  • Single Leg RDL walk out to push up other side
  • Repeat one more time

You get a body weight, heart pounding workout in small space, a short time and with NO equipment. I’d say you have NO excuse NOT to do a workout when it’s as simple as this.

If you haven’t gotten Challenge Fat Loss workouts yet, it’s time to pull the trigger on these fast, effective follow along workouts that you can do in 20 minutes or less at home. You need minimum equipment and little space. The problem with these workouts is they take away your ‘excuse’ that your workouts takes too long or are too boring to stick with.