How to Do a One Arm Pull Up

one arm pull up kittyWant to learn how to do a one arm pull up? It’s actually a similar progression to what you’ll do if you’re just learning how to do an unassisted pull up.

First up, make sure you’re AT THE PULL UP BAR. I know this sounds silly, but don’t go to the assisted pull up machine, go to the pull up bar and grab yourself a band or bench to help you.

Try to do as many assisted one arm pull ups (or two arm pull ups) as you can to start.

Then work on the negative of the one arm pull up (or two arm pull up if that’s what your goal is). The negative phase of the movement is actually the strength building phase.

Once you’ve exhausted these movements, go ahead and just work on scapular retractions.

It’s important to work the weak side first, then follow up with work on your stronger side.

I’m working to master the one arm pull up from a free hang. What’s YOUR challenge? Use the comment section below and tell us what you’re working on and any tips to help you get there.

For more a full pull up plan of challenging workouts, you’ll find a great plan here.

My pal and fellow Canadian, Rick Kaselj has some suggestions on how to keep the back limber and pain free when doing lots of back work. Check out what he has to say here:

Rick suggests doing a vertical hang to stretch out the shoulders. Hold this pose for 15 seconds.

The next stretch is for the back. The difference  between this stretch and the one previous is that with this stretch, you want to drop the hips to decompress the back. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds.

Build on good, that is, if it feels good, continue.

If the stretch feels good, only do it 3-5 at a time, or 10 total through the day. This will increase mobility and flexibility through out the back and shoulders.

For more information on keeping YOUR back healthy, go HERE.

Keep me posted on your progress!