New York Cheat Day

Have you been to New York? It’s a crazy place, so much energy. People everywhere, and food literally on every corner.

I was in NYC for a Fit Body Boot Camp function but got to enjoy a little of the sights and sounds. I met my pal, Fat Loss Accelerator creator: Kate Vidulich for coffee both days. We sat out in the New York sun chatting while I enjoyed people watching. I’m sure it was ‘same old same old’ for Kate who lives here, but what an eye opening experience for me.

Then last night I hung out with good friends, fellow Fit Body Boot Camp owners Kathy and Ahmed Tafti. They live in Long Island so they knew just where to go. They took me to ‘Little Italy’ to the ‘best’ pastry shop around. I  had to have New York Cheesecake and a latte – not my  average intake for 10 pm on a Wed night.

Good thing I use Shaun Hadsall’s carb cycling tricks to ensure that those calories weren’t directly deposited on my  belly.

You see, I use carb cycling to help me stay lean year round.

Carb cycling strategically rotates carbs in and out of your diet. Look, carbs are not all bad, but too many carbs at the wrong time will definitely add to your waistline.

Carb cycling will help stimulate the right hormones to aid in burning body fat and will prevent metabolic slowdowns that are the cause of plateaus. You can double the fat burning effect of exercise when you carb cycle as well.

The bonus is that when you carb cycle, you can enjoy carbs without feeling guilty. So if you find yourself in New York City with a big piece of New York Cheesecake staring you down, you can dig in guilt free.

Now, while cheesecake isn’t the ‘best’ carb source, I can indulge in a cheat meal on a high carb day and make up for it with a no carb and a low carb day.

When I rotate three eating protocols I alter my hormonal environment to maximize fat loss and muscle gain. A cycle looks like this:

  • no carb day
  • low carb day
  • high carb day
  • no carb day
  • repeat
If you want to learn more about how to cycle carbs, you can learn all about it from Shaun Hadsall. I respect Shaun because he’s ‘almost’ as old as me and has visible abs year round too. He trains hard, but he has a healthy balance between his training and enjoys life (that is, he knows how to live a little where food is concerned).

Check out his 4 Cycle Fat Loss and save 62% before this Friday.

Time to get back to Sev and the kids and my quiet little Calgary bubble.