Pull Up Tips to Up the Fun Factor

Can you do a pull up? pull ups LV w Dan L

How about one from an obscure spot?

You can learn to do pull ups any where if you follow a few simple tips.

First, make sure you’re TRYING to do pull ups from a bar (I know that sounds simple enough, but oddly, many people shy away from the pull up bar and go directly to alternatives). Get away from the assisted pull up machine and hang around the bar. Do assisted pull ups with a band, do jump pull ups, do pull up negatives. These will help your pull up power.

Get your chest UNDER the bar instead of getting your chin OVER the bar. Squeeze thru the shoulder blades and don’t inwardly rotate the shoulders.

And you need to lose the flub. By getting leaner, of course your pull up power will improve.

rope challenge dual w lisaIt takes time but once you get ONE, you can dominate and get more. The cool thing about training for things like pull ups, is then you can enjoy other challenges you’ll find in life. I was able to pull myself up onto the top of this inverted cone and then give a hand to my pal, Lisa, so that we could both conquer this element at a recent event I put together. Being strong and confident helps me enjoy life to the fullest.

Good luck with those pull ups, make sure to leave a comment.

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