Sexy results in less time (scientific proof)

Let’s not waste each others time okay?

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Most people will say that their number one objection to working out is time constraints. Given that, what’s the best protocol for getting results in the least amount of time? Take a look at the solution HERE.

Are there health benefits do exercising for hours
a day? Well, exercising for hours is better than watching television for hours, but not much. Take a look at this study:

A 1998 study in the International Journal of 
Sports Nutrition had women do 45 minutes of 
cardio per day, 5 days per week. They followed
this protocol for 3 months.

The result? They lost NO more weight than
 those who dieted alone. Seems like a BIG waste of time if weight loss is your goal.

Then there’s a 2007 study in the journal 
Obesity which revealed that doing 60 minutes of
 cardio, 6 days per week only resulted in an
 average 3.5 pounds of weight loss after an entire
 year. Not much return on your time investment there is there? That equates to 312 hours of cardio. I’m sure you’d never hire a trainer if that were their promise.

Let’s compare this to another 2012 study published in Applied Physiology: it was found that subjects dong 4 minutes of high intensity exercise got better results than those doing 30 minutes of low intensity cardio.

If weight loss is your goal and time constraints are an issue, clearly you need to be working out for LESS time.

But what should you be doing in your short workouts?

I have a solution. You know how I love ‘old school’ training and may even be considered ‘old’ (but you be the judge of that):


I just turned 50 and one of my secrets to my abs is the burpee.

Yup, the good ole fashioned burpee: the best no gimmick bodyweight exercise around that burns 12 calories a minute and uses pretty much every muscle in your body.

I’ve put together fast and nasty workouts with burpees and variations of burpees along with other exercises to get your fat burning workout done in 15 minutes or less.

If you want sexy results in record time, up the intensity of your workouts for a short and sweet/nasty time with my new program called: Challenge Burpee.

I’ve got 21 workouts, more variety than you can imagine and I have coaching previews for every workout.

Forget about cardio machines and long workouts that give you no results. Science is on your side when you do short, intense workouts and burpees are the perfect exercise (it sure works for me and my clients, take a look here.)