100 Burpee Pull Up Challenge

Lots of you know me as the ‘pull up queen’ since I like to do pull ups.

pull up exercises

(It seems I’ll do pull ups anywhere…)

But you know how I love burpees too….hmmm, it’s a toss up as to which exercise I like the best.

How about putting the two exercises together? Talk about the ultimate challenge.

How about 100 burpee pull ups? (Cuz that’s how we roll…;))

Don’t you think your chances of getting through this challenge is much better if you had someone doing this challenge rep for rep along with you? You’ll get a full follow along for this workout, probably the MOST challenging workout around.

Here’s a preview of the follow along workout you’ll get with Challenge Burpee – a collection of creative and challenging burpee workouts with coaching videos for each one.

You can get your hands on this workout HERE.

You’ll find out all about burpees and tons of variations HERE.




Challenge Burpee  is full of the ‘tried and true’ burpees in combination with body weight exercises and simple DB exercises to blast fat and get you fit in record time.

So I’d have to say that burpees are ONE of my favorite all time bodyweight exercises. That’s why I made the program Challenge Burpee for you.

It’s full of burpee variations (from beginner to advanced) and it’s a NO GIMMICK kinda plan to get you fit fast.

Get ripped with the BEST bodyweight exercise of all time

Just for fun…

Burpees in Vegas? Do people even know what a burpee is? Do you think I can get anyone to do burpees on the Vegas strip? Do you think I could PAY anyone to to burpees on the Vegas strip? Take a look:

What’s YOUR favorite exercise of all time? Why? Leave a comment 😉