Painfree Burpees (It’s possible)

I know, I know, you’re looking at me like I have three heads when I say ‘pain free burpees’.  But all the COOL people are doing burpees and you’re gonna want to join us…right?

I’ve made my fitness boot camp clients into burpee converts. They aren’t going door to door giving away burpees just yet, but they don’t whine and moan when I say ‘burpees’ anymore. While they aren’t ‘cheering’ just yet, they know how effective they are for fat burning.

But burpees can be painful.

I’m all for pain, but it has to be the RIGHT kind of pain. I want your wrists and back safe.

I also want to make burpees ‘doable’ so that you aren’t overwhelmed with them. I maintain that EVERYONE can do burpees. burpees gotta finish

You can easily modify a burpee so that you can work up to the full on burpee (and beyond) by doing a full body extension or burpee walk out to start.

Make sure to keep a flat back and tight abs to ensure you don’t strain your back when you go into the plank position.

As well, if you have any wrist pain, neutralize the wrist by doing your burpees on a dumb bell.

You can get your hands on fun Challenge Burpee workouts in just a few days so stay tuned. Here’s a video explaining how to do burpees safely with my pal Rick Kaselj:

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