Meet Caroline – Fitter than Ever

 Let me tell you it made my day when Caroline Z. took it upon herself to send me this amazing success story. It was confirmation that my workouts are effective, but it was absolutely awesome to have this email show up. It speaks of the quality person that she is to pay a compliment forward, thanking me for her workout plan. It’s great to feel I’ve played a small part in her success, a plan is helpful but it’s actually her commitment and sweat and CONSISTENT application of the plan I provide that has her looking and feeling so great. Thanks for sharing your story Caroline, you’re an inspiration to others. (The only potential negative thing about this is that you’ve taken away people’s excuses to sit on the couch ;))

I’ve been getting more and more questions about the workouts I’ve been doing and wanted to refer people to both your Female Fat Loss Over 40 and Challenge Fat Loss workouts.   I thought I would also share a Top Ten list of reasons I love your workouts… 🙂

10.  I get my workout done in one shot – cardio and strength training all in once.

9.  I have a different workout each time.

8.  I have Shawna to walk me through each workout in the follow along video.

7.  Shawna shows me how I can modify or intensify exercises to work around my injuries. caroline z 2

6.  I have time in the morning with my husband before work vs. getting up way before he gets up so I can get to the gym.

5.  I love that my full body is engaged throughout the workout.

4.  I actually focus on my workout vs. watching TV while working out on a cardio machine.

3.  I can workout ANY TIME and where ever I am; no need for a fancy gym equipment.

2. I workout for only 20-30 minutes; 4X a week.

1.  I’ve had awesome results losing the extra weight I saw coming on as I near the age of 50.   I’ve lost 4 inches and 7 pounds in a few weeks without really trying to. I’m now 5′ 9″ and 139 pounds and feel like I’m in the greatest shape I’ve ever been.

Thanks! Caroline Z.

Well, it’s apparent that Caroline is in fantastic shape.

I told Caroline to direct her friends interested in fitness to go to my blogs: Female Fat Loss Over 40 and Challenge Workouts. I don’t ever want to push someone to buy something when they don’t even know me. There’s plenty of free workouts and great content on both blogs for a person to get to know me first, then if they like what’s there, they can go ahead and grab my programs.

A big shout out to Caroline and her solid work ethic. You can use the same programs she’s using here and here. I’d LOVE to feature you on my blog as well. Your success serves to inspire others to get moving too.