More Follow Along Videos?

It’s a pretty big deal when YOUR mentor asks YOU for help, right?

Well, I was pretty happy when my coach, Craig Ballantyne asked me if I’d help him film his Turbulence Training 2.0 videos. I went to Lapeer, Michigan and worked my butt off all weekend. Craig had a bone to pick with me I think. You see he had recently filmed himself doing one of my Challenge Fat Loss workouts and was close to losing his lunch. I’m pretty sure reciprocation was his goal when we filmed together this time 😉

 tt jump rope


TT video



Craig Ballantyne Turbulence Training

What’s Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training workouts are 30 minutes in length and have little rest periods. This increases workout density by doing more work in less time. Craig uses metabolic finishers and bodyweight finishers instead of interval training. He’s added the use of dumb bells and multiple exercise circuits with non – competing super sets. He’s added a ‘finisher’ to each workout and these short workouts are getting great results.

If you don’t understand the lingo in the above paragraph about metabolic resistance and finishers etc, just trust me when I say the program is FANTASTIC.

TT 2.0

One of the things I like the most, along with the fact that it’s ALL video follow along, is the dashboard is so darn user friendly. If you don’t know what an exercise is, you can click the little + and a drop down menu will come up with the exercise description, pictures and tips so that you’ll know how to do each exercise correctly (along with the follow along videos). It’s really  laid out nicely for you to follow.

TT 2.0 download page

Craig has a BIG mission and that’s to help 10 million people improve their fitness by the year 2020. Why not help Craig meet his goal while getting YOURSELF in fabulous condition with his new program? You’ll be guided through beginner to advanced workouts, get tons of bonuses and motivation all in one spot.

Kudos and high praise to Craig for such a great program, I’m really proud to say that I’m part of his Turbulence Training Team.

Take a look at his program HERE.