Cellulite Busting Workout

What can you do to fix your cellulite problem?

My friends Niall Traynor and Daryl Devonish are fitness experts in the area of cellulite and they say that 4 things contribute to cellulite:.

Genetics – Not the root cause of cellulite (although to be fair genetics can contribute to cellulite deposits)
Hormones – Your body turns into a cellulite-producing machine when your hormone levels are out of balance.
Lifestyle – Exercising in a specific way is the only true way to get your hormone levels back in balance.
Nutrition – You need to avoid the foods that can contribute to hormone imbalance and avoid the phony health foods that actually make you store fat.

The best way to address cellulite is with a fitness plan designed to switch your hormone levels so you become a cellulite-melting, fat-torching machine. This short workout looks deceivingly easy yet it builds each and every muscle in your legs (quadriceps, VMO, hamstrings), your booty, and your abs.

Here’s the routine:

Do each exercise is a slow methodical manner concentrating on perfect form. Remember practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Form will dictate how good your results are from the work you put into it so make it count.

For Kickbacks, Planks with Leg Raises, and Superman’s, hold the flexed position for a good second before lowering down to start another repetition.

Do two Rounds of:

Split Squats x 8 (both sides)
Kick Backs x 8 (both sides)
Squats x 8
Planks with Leg Raises x 5 (both sides)
Hapkido Circles x 8 (both sides)
Butt Kicks x 8 (both sides)
Superman’s x 8

If you want more of Niall and Daryl’s workouts you can check them out here.

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