5 Benefits of Home Kickboxing Workouts

Guest post from Daniel Woodrum

Are you looking for a new Challenge?

Are you looking for a unique and fun program to go along with Shawna’s amazing Challenge Workouts?

Are you ready to bust through a plateau and lose those last few stubborn pounds that won’t go away?

If you shook your head yes, I’ve got the perfect solution that will solve these problems.

Have you ever tried kickboxing workouts? No, I’m not talking about your aerobic kickboxing class you often times see. I’m talking about a kickboxing workout that combines advanced bodyweight exercises, kickboxing moves, and unique density style training methods that will challenge you both mentally and physically. I’m talking about the ULTIMATE kickboxing workout program that can be done anywhere, without any equipment. But don’t be fooled, this is a workout that will push you past your limits and challenge you beyond belief. You’ll find a sample workout and an embarrassing story of mine here.

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Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or looking for a new challenge to take your fitness to the next level, this program is for everybody. It’s strategically designed with a Beginner Phase, Intermediate Phase, and two Advanced Phases…that’s right, TWO Advanced Phases!

What are the benefits of a kickboxing based program?

·         Confidence BoosterKickboxing helps you release endorphins which will give your mood a boost and help you feel more confident. Endorphins allow you to feel happier and more positive for hours after your workout.

·         Calorie Burning MachineFitness magazines report that fitness kickboxing workouts can burn up to 800 calories per hour. While these are controversial numbers and you won’t be working out for near an hour, there’s no debate that kickboxing workouts burn a substantial amount of calories.

·         Better PostureThere’s a strong chance you are hunched over the computer all day. Kickboxing workouts will challenge many muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day, and you will start to build up your core. Core muscles in and around your abdominal wall are targeted with kickboxing routines because you need to use your waist and abs for balance.

·         Full Body WorkoutKickboxing workouts will work your entire body head to toe. Why waste hours in the gym training specific body parts, when you can train your entire body in less than 30 minutes. Time is money. And there’s absolutely no reason to waste your valuable time in the gym doing unnecessary exercises.

·         Improved Core StrengthKickboxing workouts will improve your core strength. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have come to me with back problems. Once we strengthened their core through the kickboxing exercises, their back problems disappeared. There truly is no better method to work your entire body each and every workout. There will never be a muscle untrained!

These are a few of the many benefits that you will gain using kickboxing workouts. If you are ready to try something new along with Shawna’s Challenge workouts, bust through the plateau, and try something unique and fun, look no further than Home Kickboxing Revolution. It’s the ULTIMATE kickboxing workout that will help you achieve your dream body. And the best part is all you need is 25 minutes and your body – that’s it!

How about trying one of my workouts? Perform these 3 exercises as many times as possible in three minutes without any rest. After your three minutes is up, rest 45 seconds and repeat once more. Your second time through, try to get through the 3 exercises more times.

Round 1)  Squat to Punch – 10 Reps

“T” Pushups – 6 Reps Per Side

Reverse Lunge To Front Kick – 10 Reps Per Side

After you complete Round 1 two times, rest 1 minute and move to Round 2.

Perform these 3 exercises as many times as possible in three minutes without any rest. After your three minutes is up, rest 45 seconds and repeat 2 more times. Try to outwork each previous circuit.

Round 2)  Ali Shuffle w/ arms straight overhead – 30 Reps

4 Punch/2 Knee Combo – 10 Reps

Close Grip Pushups  w/ 2 second pause in bottom position – 6 Reps

The “AB Knockout” Round

Do this round as many times as possible in 6 minutes…

Round 3) Side Plank Punches – 12 Reps Per Side

Total Body Extensions – 12 Reps

Cross Body Mountain Climbers w/ 2 Second Pause – 12 Reps

Burpee/ 4 Punch Combo – 6 Reps

Rocking Plank w/ Feet Elevated – 12 Reps

Bonus – no equipment required!

If you like Challenges that involve burpees, pushups, planks and MORE, Home Kickboxing Revolution is for you. Check it out here.



About the Author

home kickboxing rev Daniel Woodrum

Daniel Woodrum is a fat loss expert and CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer. He owns two kickboxing gyms in Charleston, South Carolina and works with hundreds of clients each week. Daniel has worked with thousands of clients, helping them transform their lives by improving their nutrition, mindset, and overall physique using his strategic kickboxing techniques.

Daniel’s youth, enthusiasm, and love for fitness has helped him connect and build trust with his clients, leading to him being the leading fat loss expert in his area.

On a mission to help transform thousands of lives across the world, Daniel has put his entire kickboxing system in an easy to follow program called Home Kickboxing Revolution. This program is the ultimate bodyweight kickboxing program that is perfect for all levels. It has a unique set-up that emulates that of an actual fight (rounds). If you’re ready to punch stubborn fat away and kick boredom in the face, Home Kickboxing Revolution would be your perfect match.