What’s YOUR Workout Excuse?

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This week I’m asking YOU a question: What’s YOUR workout excuse?

I have to wash my hair…no excuses 2

My workout clothes are in the wash…

I stubbed my toe…

I have to go to work….

I don’t have time….

My dog ate my workout plan….

It’s too hot….

It’s too cold…

It’s a holiday…

Seriously, there’s always a reason. For some there’s never enough time, energy or even money to go around to get to their workout. But not YOU right?

You know that you can get an EFFECTIVE fat burning and muscle toning workout in LESS TIME than it takes most people to poop 😉 Sorry for the graphic image, but it’s true, take a look at this:
In a 2012 study, subjects doing bodyweight exercises for just 4 minutes got better fitness results than subjects doing 30 minutes of slow cardio.

“Extremely low volume, whole-body aerobic-resistance training improves aerobic fitness and muscular endurance in females.”
Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Dec;37(6):1124-31.

Sev and I are calling you out on your excuses with a reminder to hit the backyard for a burpee workout or jump rope workout. Click the link in the video or see below for a fun burpee teaser workout.

What’s the most creative workout excuse you’ve ever heard? (I know that YOU don’t make excuses to get your workout on, but surely you’ve heard some doozey’s). Leave us a comment and let’s have a laugh.

Oh, and stay tuned for Challenge Burpee, grab a cool burpee workout HERE and get your jump rope on HERE.

no excuses 1










Question: Hey Shawna I’m really curious as to the UFC fighters you’re hanging out with this week. When will we find out more? Also, I feel like I’ve come to a plateau with my training. I’m able to maintain my weight but I want to take my physique to the next level. Any advice? Todd L

Answer: Todd, as far as the ‘secret project’ that I’m working on this week, you’re gonna have to wait until early 2014 to find out more. but mma graphicI will say that even I had heard of the UFC fighters that I’m on the set with (and I’m not a big MMA fan – sh sh, don’t tell them ;))

And, as far as your plateau goes, your body is designed to adapt to everything, including your workout (it’s a survival mechanism), we need to make sure that it does not adapt to the workouts – otherwise all results come to a screeching halt.

So the best way to keep your results coming is to drastically change your approach to your program with a combination of resistance training and conditioning and shift the focus with each workout. CHANGE IT UP.

You’ll definitely get results with all my Challenge Workout programs, but there’s no harm in changing up your program from time to tome. This is the reason I send other ideas your way. A great alternative, with follow along workouts is from 7 time world champion, Egan Ioune. Check out MMA Bodyweight System. If you like my Challenge Fat Loss follow along videos, you’re gonna like his stuff too.