Abs Misinformation Still Rampant

I love it when someone agrees with me…don’t you? Especially where training is concerned. It’s great to see a young trainer that’s switched on and educating people with scientifically proven information. Perhaps some ‘experienced’ trainers need to take a page from young trainers books.


Let me tell you, I’m working on a reality show as a ‘fitness expert’ (I can’t say much about it right now), but I will tell you that there are STILL people out there that think the ‘crunch’ is the most effective fat loss and belly toning exercise.


Here’s my friend Kate explaining three MUST do ab moves that will help to tighten and tone your abs better and more safely than any crunch ever will.


Here’s are the 3 tough ab exercises you should totally do:


1. Ab Wheel Rollout
2. Rotating Planks
3. Cross Spider Planks


Remember you should pair these ab moves with metabolically ‘expensive’ exercises that raise your heart rate and get you hot and sweaty. Examples include things like mountain climbers, full body extensions, jacks, burpees, stationary sprints etc. Also, you need to add some strength building resistance training moves too. Here’s a WAY better alternative than crunches and long slow cardio that will torch fat in half the time.

Take a look:

Perform each of the following in order with no rest, and without putting the weight down. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for 4 rounds:


A) DB Swing x 8

B) Alternating Reverse Lunge x 8

C) Front Squat to Push press x 8

D) DB Swing x 8

E) DB renegade row x 8

F) Squat thrust x 8


See, it’s a fun challenge that will save you 17 minutes off a traditional ‘cardio’ workout.


Kate is an excellent trainer and she has a ton of great ideas for her Fat Loss Accelerators HERE.