MMA Sample Workout from Hawaii

egan and me

Here’s my friend Egan. He’s an interesting dude. He’s done so much in his life. He’s been a world champion in racquetball, a member of the US diving team and a two time world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and five time MMA champion. He’s a fighter in more ways than one.

How’s your motivation these days? What are your goals? How good are you at staying focused to make your goals happen? I know you’ll enjoy this video from Egan, someone who’s been a 7 time world champion ought to have something to say about what got him going. Maybe you can use this to help you reach your dreams:

Egan sent us this MMA style workout. Now I can’t promise you a Hawaiian beach to train on or anything, but I can promise that his workouts are effective and fun to do:

30 seconds of work

  • ‘sprawl’ to right knee
  • ‘sprawl’ to left knee
  • wide squat hold with alternate punches (active recovery)
  • squat to push kick right leg  (hands close to face, core tight)
  • squat to push kick left leg
  • narrow squat with alternate punches (active recovery)

Egan has follow along workouts for you here.

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