Q n A August 9th, 2013


Challenge workoutsQuestion: Hey Shawna, I checked out that Bodyweight Flow program you posted earlier this week and I’m not sure how it is supposed to work. Can it really help me burn fat 21% faster? – Ashley Barnes

Answer: Hey Ashley, I’m glad you asked because a few other people emailed me to see if the claims were really true. I emailed the creators of the program Tyler and Sylvia with this question and here is there answer…

“A study done by the Journal of Sports Sciences has shown clear evidence that a movement based pre-workout routine just like the sequences contained in the Bodyweight Flow System can accelerate your oxygen consumption during your workout by an average of 21.4%. In addition, we know that oxygen consumption directly relates to the amount of calories burned during exercise thus the 21% increase in potential fat burned. The same journal also has shown an increase of 32% on upper body strength as measured through a pullup test and an increase in flexibility of 7% as shown through a reach test. Finally, recent research is now suggesting that the benefits of a movement based routine can last up to 24 hours making it unnecessary to perform movement routines simply before your workout, this may be because of the enhanced muscle signaling activity created from movement based routines but has yet to be confirmed through scientific research. We suggest 2-3 minutes in the morning 5 days a week to help accelerate the results you get from your workouts. One thing is clear… Using a movement routine throughout your week can do nothing but good for you :)” (Reference: Journal of Sports Sciences Volume 19, Issue 9, pages 693-700, 2001)


Question: I watched the video you sent out on Tuesday and I even tried to follow along to the flow or metabolic sequence or whatever it was called and it was way to hard for me to do. I like the idea of 2-3 minute bodyweight routines to loosen up my muscles and strengthen my body but I’m not sure I can do the whole program. – Jonathan Evans

Answer: Hey Jonathan,

Great question! Tyler and Sylvia the creators of the sequence you tried are good friends of mine and they gave me early access to the program for me to review. The video you watched was on of there more advanced sequences 🙁 The whole program contains 21 different Beginner, 21 Intermediate and 12 Advanced sequences to follow, so don’t feel defeated if you gave it a shot and couldn’t do it. In fact, if your a complete beginner this program will probably benefit you even more because of the emphasis on perfect form and movement. Hope that helps.

Tyler and Sylvia have created what they call  ‘metabolic ignition sequences’.

You’ll find follow along videos so all you have to do is press play, follow along, and in under 3 minutes you will activate unused muscles, increase your functional flexibility and build coordination. They have 63 of these metabolic ignition sequences ready for you in a cool program that will help you reach your fitness goals faster due to the fact that you’re able to train more intensely. When your muscles are warm, when you are more flexible, coordinated, when you can recruit more muscle fibers, then results will follow.

Great value here:

bodyweight flow graphic + bonuses


Check out the program here.

When you grab this program, send me your receipt and I want you to have this:

challengeworkout sampler


Question: I’m trying to figure out how to work your program into my current program. Would I use your programs instead of lifting? And if so how many days a week and would I need to take a break in between. Sorry for all the questions. I know where to put the finishers but the other ones I’m confused about. Kelli

Answer: Kelli, thanks for this! These are great questions. I’m a gym rat myself and I like to some weight training as well as my Challenge Fat Loss and Challenge Jump Rope workouts. Typically, I’ll do 3-4 weight workouts a week and then 2-3 of the full body Challenge workouts as well on my ‘day off’ from heavier lifting. Having said this, there have been weeks at a time when I’ll do ALL Challenge Fat Loss workouts like my successful ‘loser’ client Suzie (see her story here). The beauty of the Challenge Fat Loss and Challenge Jump Rope (and soon to be released Challenge Burpee) programs is that they can be used as a ‘stand alone’ workout or they can be added as a metabolic workout to enhance a lifting program.


Question: I am currently training for a half marathon, and I do have some belly fat, not a lot, but something I want to definitely get rid of. I’m 5foot6 and weight 141 lbs, 45 yrs old. My question is how to incorporate your jump rope challenge in with my runs, and I’m only doing 3 runs a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays are long slow runs ) the distances vary, but nothing over 23 miles a week.
Thanks Shawna, Tina

Answer: Great question Tina. I’d do the jump rope challenges on the days OFF from your long runs. That gives you 4 days to do jump rope or other challenge fat loss workouts. These workouts are short and won’t hinder your runs. In fact, they’ll benefit you in that they will strengthen your full body, including your core. I’ve had many runners IMPROVE their runs when they do my workouts. This is because their upper body and core strength improves. As you tire when running, posture is everything. If you can maintain strength in your posture, your gait will not change. As well, anaerobic training benefits aerobic training (but not the reverse). Hope that helps!


fav jump ropeQuestion: Hi Shawna,  I am wondering what kind of rope you use EXACTLY? I just bought your challenge and started researching ropes, GOOD GRIEF, there are soooo many to chose from and reviews are all over the place depending on the uses. I am only 5 ft. tall so by your chart, I would get an 8 foot one?  I am thinking that with the amount of rope jumping you do that by now you must have found the perfect rope? I would really appreciate your feedback before I start or purchase one. It has been since grade school since I have jumped rope, though I do a weight training 5 days a week with HIIT in between on most days.Thanks very much, -Shelley

Answer: Shelly, this is a great question that I get all the time, I put this picture up on Facebook but I really should have it here (and I should get a nickel for every time I sell one of these ;)) On Facebook, people kindly pointed out that this dude needs a jump rope lesson to stop the ‘swimmin’ action’ with his arms. Agreed on that, but even with a bad photo, the rope inside is a good one and I’m 5’2″. Hope that helps!


Question: Is it a ‘rumor’ or a ‘trumor’ that Hollywood has scooped you up?hollywood

Answer: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that Hollywood has ‘scooped’ me up, but I did just sign a contract to be a fitness expert for ONE episode on a big network reality show. I can’t say too much more than that due to the ironclad non-disclosure agreement. The show is slated to air in early 2014 and I’ll keep you posted on all that I can. I’m pretty excited about it, should be an interesting experience!


Question: What happened to the cookies Sev?

Answer: It’s a mystery to mischievous Sev, our rescue ‘guard’ dog who coincidentally fell into an insulin induced coma and had the poops later that day…

Sev ate the cookies