Renegade Burpee Combo and Best Non-Burpee Exercise

2013-08-04 13.02.48Recently in Lapeer Michigan, I teamed up with Brain Kalakay, otherwise known as my fitness son, and superstar Fat Loss Accelerator creator, Kate Vidulich. We were doing some video follow along workouts that will be released soon. I decided to give you a sneak peek into one of the burpee combo’s that you’ll find in the burpee challenge workout coming up:

This is a great bodyweight workout you can do at home. I guarantee you’re not doing this burpee combination. Grab a pair of DB’s you can lift overhead at least 10 times and start with one rep of the following:

high plank
push up
renegade row
upright row
front squat
shoulder press

Add on a rep each exercise for each set until you get to 10 reps of each exercise.

For another fun burpee workout, head HERE for a teaser.

While I’m at it, I want to share Kate’s favorite total body exercise (that’s NOT a burpee). She had me doing these all day long (it seemed) while we were video taping. The thing is, this looks pretty easy, but when you throw it into a circuit, it’s a lot tougher than you think:

This is why Kate says you should do ‘walkouts’:
– It’s total body move, so you use more muscle groups and burn extra calories in less time
– You don’t need any equipment
– The movement creates a metabolic flush, meaning the blood moves quickly from your legs to upper body and creates disturbance kate and brian in lapeer

I love Kate, but man o man, I sure hated her during the workouts she put me through in those video session. They’re full of great hybrid complexes that on paper look benign until you actually do them. It was funny that while we were in Lapeer, Kate got a customer email telling her that she ‘looked sweet as ever but was apparently bi-polar and evil’. I’d have to agree.

Check out her Fat Loss Accelerators to find out for yourself.

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