Move Better, Try This

My friends Sylvia Favela and Tyler Bramlett have a cool flow for you here. They call this a ‘metabolic ignition sequence’.

In this ‘flow’ you’ll be doing a dogward dog, plank, knee in, hip rotation, hip flexor stretch. It’s a really good warm up and it encourages blood flow, coordination, concentration, flexibility and muscle contraction.

This one is laid out in a follow along format so all you have to do is press play, follow along, and in under 3 minutes you will activate unused muscles, increase your functional flexibility and build coordination. They have 62 more of these metabolic ignition sequences ready for you in a cool program that will help you reach your fitness goals faster due to the fact that you’re able to move more fluidly. When your muscles are warm, when you are more flexible, coordinated, when you can recruit more muscle fibers, then results will follow.

Great value here:

bodyweight flow graphic + bonuses

Check out the program here.

When you grab this program, send me your receipt and I want you to have this:

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