Jumping Rope = Appetite Suppression

There are few things better than being proven correct. I know that my programs work, but then when yet another study backs it up, I do the happy dance. Take a look at this 2013 study:

Hiroshi Kawano, Mayuko Mineta, Meiko Asaka, Masashi Miyashita, Shigeharu Numao, Yuko Gando, Takafumi Ando, Shizuo Sakamoto, Mitsuru Higuchi

Effects of different modes of exercise on appetite and appetite-regulating hormones

Appetite, Volume 66, 1 July 2013, Pages 26–33

  • Japanese researchers Kawono, Mineta et al found that jumping rope has a greater exercise induced appetite suppressive effect compared to non-weight bearing exercise.
  • Ghrelin was suppressed and PYY was increased during both exercises.
  • Appetite was suppressed to a greater extent with rope skipping than with cycling.

What does this all mean? Well, I’d say dust off the jump rope for starters!

Wouldn’t it be easier to eat well and push away from the table if you didn’t have an appetite of a Saber Toothed Tiger? Jumping rope has a positive effect on your appetite. Let’s go back a little. Two hormones play a big role in appetite. Ghrelin and Leptin.


leptin controls appetiteLeptin is your friend: it acts on receptors in the hypothalamus of the brain, where it inhibits appetite. The study didn’t mention this hormone, but you need to know that as far as ‘good’ fat loss hormones go, leptin is your pal.

Ghrelin is your foe: Ghrelin has emerged as the first identified circulating hunger hormone or appetite enhancing hormone. This hormone increases food intake and increases fat mass by an action exerted at the level of the hypothalamus.

ghrelin stimulates appetite


PYY works by slowing the gastric emptying; hence, it increases efficiency of digestion and nutrient absorption after a meal. This means that you’ll feel fuller longer when this peptide is increased through jumping rope.

So, if ghrelin is suppressed, PYY is increased and you don’t have a raging appetite, you’ll make healthier choices nutrition wise. As well, you’ll increase your metabolism and calorie burning, increase your fitness level and  whittle your waist, literally.

Who’da thunk you’d get all this from a jump rope? As kids, we were really onto something. Why did we ever stop jumping rope? If we can do anything NATURALLY to control these hormones, then bring it on!

Here’s a simple jump rope workout:


Try alternating jumping rope with prisoner squats, decline push ups and planks for a full body workout. I’ve got some jump rope ideas to pair jump rope with bodyweight exercises, you can’t go wrong with my Challenge Jump Rope program. You’ll get 31 workouts and coaching videos to show you ‘how to’.

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